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Business Consulting Services for Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is currently grappling with disruptive forces—from extensive production ramp-ups to technological innovations like autonomous aircraft. In response, A&D enterprises are restructuring their offerings portfolios and embracing robust business models to drive efficiency, boost revenue, and improve supply chain management.

But how can A&D companies reimagine themselves to be prepared for industry disruptions and have an edge over their competitors? They need to:

  • Digitize and integrate engineering and support for end-to-end excellence
  • Invent revenue streams for new sources of value
  • Collaborate with the right partner to drive new innovation and capabilities

HCL’s A&D practice has delivered successful business transformation to 15 of the top 20 aerospace companies. Our core areas of strength are:

  • IT application and infrastructure
  • Converging IT and engineering practices
  • Enterprise business transformation
  • Strategy consulting across finance, MRO, procurement/sourcing, and supply chain

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