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HCL Technologies

Global Deployment: Reducing Cost, Risk and Time to Deploy

Global Deployment: Reducing Cost, Risk and Time to Deploy

SAP has an almost unique ability to provide support for large, complex, multi-national organizations. Recent improvements in the scalability of applications and their underlying infrastructure means it is now perfectly possible to run all your global processes on a single SAP application instance. However, although the benefits of this are obvious, the potential deployment challenges are very significant. We see many organizations adopting traditional delivery methodologies and approaches, which results in the following issues:

  • High cost and budgetary over-runs
  • Major delays
  • Loss of control
  • Issues with business buy-in and acceptance

HCL’s approach and global delivery model reduces the risks, costs and need for large scale local deployment teams, and maximizes the use of cost-effective offshore centers of excellence (CoEs) for repeatable technical activities.