Warehouse of the Future: Warehouse Automation | HCL Brochure

Warehouse of the future

Creating the Warehouse of the Future with HCL’s Industry 4.0 based framework.

HCL’s Warehouse of the Future solution enables customers to reduce their warehouse operational costs by leveraging comprehensive automation across all parts of the warehouse operations. As logistics companies are responding to the growing challenges of the e-commerce industry by value-added services. HCL’s warehousing solutions provide the means to improve the process.

This is achieved by bringing together investments in automated storage and retrieval systems, automated guided vehicles, and other digital infrastructure assets for seamless flow of information enabling real-time, exception-based decision making.

The solutions cover areas of Customer Experience, Operational Efficiency, Enterprise Visibility, and also offer ideas on new Business Models.

The report also includes a case study on warehouse operations standardization for a global top 3 EU-based logistics company by HCL which directly resulted in improved customer experience and cost reduction.

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