COVID-19 is causing the education ecosystem to adjust to a ‘new normal’, just like many other industries. While the day-to-day functioning of the education eco-system is adapting to the rapidly changing situation, next-gen technology enablers are working aggressively to fulfil the needs arising out of this pandemic.

We have designed and developed the following cutting-edge, next-gen education solutions:

1. HCL's Remote Proctoring : AI/ML-based solution for enabling remote assessments
2. HCL's Smart Social Enterprise : Cognitive, non-cognitive, and socio-economic factor based predictive solution for potential student dropouts
3. HCL's EDNX: OTT based video learning platform
4. HCL's Smart Class : Facilitates intelligent monitoring of student behavior, class engagement and attentiveness
5. HCL's Smart Attendance : AI and Video insights-based solution for transforming attendance management

Institutions can now leverage the latest technologies including AI / ML, cloud, video streaming, analytics, and computer-aided vision to conduct remote assessments, and distance and online learning to engage with the student community. HCL is committed to providing its clients in the Education domain with best-in-class solutions to address the current market needs. We believe in innovating and investing in learning solutions so that our customers are better equipped to provide seamless and uninterrupted education.