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Monitoring & Managing: The Threats Impacting Your ATM Infrastructure

The current COVID-19 situation has abandoned the physical establishments of all nature, including ATMs. As the streets lay barren, unmonitored ATMs are a potent spot for malware attacks, thereby causing huge financial losses to the banks.

Challenges faced by Financial Services due to Digitization and Current Pandemic

  • Over the years, attacks on ATMs have shifted from being old-schooled physical attacks to sophisticated malware attacks like ATM Jackpotting
  • Running on OS from Windows, ATMs lie outside the secured perimeter of a banking organization, making it vulnerable to malicious exploits
  • Hackers exploit vulnerabilities like outdated OS or weak AV signature to take control of an ATM thus, breaching the bank’s network

HCL’s advance VM service can help banks identify outdated/unpatched ATMs lying in some subnets with vulnerabilities, and prioritize the risks with defined risk mitigation strategies Once identified, these outdated assets can be protected using additional layers of security to prevent unnecessary traffic and transactions at various levels. Download the brochure to read in detail.