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Automation Solution

With the advent of 5G, operators across the globe are transforming their internal network engineering functions responsible for integration, verification and deployment. Transformation was necessitated by the need for operators to optimize deployment cycles, reduce complexities in integration and increase agility to roll out new features.
Continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD) and continuous Testing (CT) are becoming essential practices in Network life cycle. CI, CD and CT work together to ensure successful development operations and testing. Automating build, integration, and testing processes can help you optimize your development pipeline to weed out bugs early on and fix them as quickly as possible at a lower cost to your business.

The industry faces Business Challenges like - Lack of Agility: Current processes and tools aren’t equipped to handle the churn and iterations of software releases which would be common in the 5G world;  Lack of E2E Test Automation: Lack of holistic test automation solution that can be used by multi-vendor across multi-technology domains; slower and cumbersome network upgrade: Upgrades are usually the maintenance window, having gone through multiple iterations. In the 5G world, network upgrades would need to be more efficient;  Lack of support for Hybrid Environment: 5G functions are expected to be hosted on multiple platforms- bare metal environment, virtual environment, containers in VM environments, etc.; Inability for Intelligent Operations: Existing framework and tools can’t do intelligent operations like Intelligent monitoring and telemetry Analysis which is the need of the hour in a 5G world.

We have helped our customers reduce their Time-to-Market by up to 30%, reduce their OPEX costs by up to 30% with our end to end Automation Solutions

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