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HCL 5G Offerings and Investments

HCL believes, 5G is about delivering business outcomes and generating new revenue streams for Communication Service Providers, CSPs. While the latest spectrum bands capture all the headlines as part of the 5G network expansion, the fact is that radio coverage is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to 5G. What lies underneath is essentially what aids in the realization of 5G's lucrative market outcomes. Also without moving to the cloud, 5G's maximum potential cannot be realized.

HCL has built a unique and creative 5G ecosystem that includes leading Silicon players, OEMs, CSPs, OTT providers, Cloud providers and 20+ partner ecosystem, along with differentiated IPs. Automation, optimization, cloudification, and containerization are all driving forces for HCL’s 5G investment in the entire value chain.

With our 5G lab and multivendor partner ecosystem, we provide a “One stop 5G platform” which helps to create a runway to experiment, innovate swiftly, and have a fast-paced approach in a competitive 5G ecosystem. We distinguish ourselves through our product engineering DNA, vertical industry expertise, multivendor partner ecosystem, differentiated offerings and investment-led business models.

For more details of our 5G solutions, please contact: Ajitesh Gupta (