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RAN Analytics

As mobile technologies progress, more and more intelligence is moving out of the core to the edge and RAN.

Increase in smarter devices and more complex signaling, the radio access network (RAN) now plays a Pivotal role in serving subscribers. RAN can cause significant Quality of Experience (QOE) problems for subscribers, erode profits, and impact the brand.

HCL with its RAN Analytics Solutions resolve these issues and achieve in,

  1. Improved Network Performance
  2. Better Customer Experience
  3. Forecast for Planning
  4. High Network Optimization

With multiple technologies, vendors and layers within a mobile network, engineers need an end-to-end solution that can optimize the network.

By correlating metrics and events from network nodes, probes, devices, OSS/BSS, and other sources, our solution enables service providers and OEM’s/RAN vendors to obtain actionable insights to predict, prioritize, and resolve subscriber-impacting events.

Whitepapers (AI/ML based techniques for RAN optimization):

  1. “AI Connect : Machine Learning based Node Profiling for Wireless Network Optimization”
  2. “AI Connect : Machine Learning based Text Analytics Approaches for Wireless Telco Networks”
  3. “AI Connect: A Machine Learning based time series forecast for Wireless Network Optimization”