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HCL Novus Payments Platform

The global payments market continues to be highly dynamic with customer preferences, emerging technologies, regulatory initiatives, and market consolidation driving innovation and disruption.  Customers expect seamless and ubiquitous payments experience. Corporates demand payments traceability, contextual routing, and consolidated information. Industry drivers include real-time payments adoption, ISO20022 migration, open banking initiatives, and cross-border innovations. Technologies such as APIs, AI / ML and Cloud are enabling new ways to delivering services

For more than 20 years, PTS has been on the market and has constantly adapted to market needs and customer requirements. New technology has been incorporated as it has become mainstream. The new modernized product HCLTech ‘Novus Payments’ offers a feature-rich set of services and has been designed from the ground up as a cloud-native microservices-based unified payments platform.

HCLTech Novus Payments is an efficient payment platform that serves as a central hub and enables straight-through processing (STP) for accurate and real-time information availability and improved risk management. Using this technology, financial institutions with different payment methods and distributed operations can reduce payment processing costs and improve efficiency.

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