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Customer Experience Transformation and Management

Customer Experience Transformation and Management

The CSP segment finds itself at an inflection point with consumer-centric content consumption models, technology disruptions, and predictive analytics which are transforming the role of CSPs in today’s marketplace. CSPs have perhaps taken the longest to recognize this shift in consumer expectations and this is further attested by the fact that they trail the most amongst other consumer-oriented industries in average CSAT scores.

We at HCL have been working closely with marquee brands in the CSP segment and helping them transform their consumer experiences through our Customer Experience Management 360 offering. Our Customer Experience Management (CEM) 360 offering caters to CEM by providing a human-centric experience, across all customer experienced channels resulting in satisfied consumers of services have access to services, information care, and content at their finger-tips, with consistent experience regardless of the channel of interaction they choose.

HCL’s CEM 360 includes a comprehensive suite of processes, tools, and accelerators that can help speed up the implementation of consumer-centric experiences aimed at exciting consumers while driving profitability through reduced agent-based care costs and increased sales.