Enabling eKYC experience with Metaverse | HCLTech
Enabling eKYC experience with HCLTech Metafinity

We partnered with a German multinational investment and financial services bank to explore their entry into the Metaverse. HCLTech utilized its technical expertise to formulate an exploratory use case, identifying potential services and integration avenues for the bank. Encouraged by HCLTech's insights, the client gave the green light to develop a proof of concept. This exciting initiative aims to bring the bank's services into the virtual realm, leveraging virtual branches, financial advisors, trading platforms, educational events, virtual wallets, and more. Seamless integration with existing digital platforms and robust security measures will ensure a user-friendly and secure experience. HCLTech and the client are set to pioneer innovative solutions and redefine the future of banking in the Metaverse.

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