Major software company amps up global web production | HCLTech

Major software company amps up global web production

GWP transition of a global software leader enhanced the customer experience for millions of users.

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HCLTech commitment to Hi-Tech:

Advances in technology are defining the business and economic landscape worldwide, creating an environment of disruption and transformation that touches Hi-Tech organizations no matter what their size. Customer-centricity is a top priority, which demands network modernization, flexible architecture, upgrades to new business models, and more.

Organizations of all sizes are dealing with complicated issues such as complex supply chains, intense competition, and pressure to continuously innovate to stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant to customers with ever-changing wants and needs.

Corporate leadership at Hi-Tech organizations is focused on merging the missions of business and IT, ensuring seamless alignment of initiatives throughout the organization. Our Hi-Tech offerings and account leaders are focused on clearing the way and providing guidance to achieve these goals. 

Impact at a glance


Migrated entire portal on a new version of AEM


Automated the weekly product status report, saving client 290 hours per month and over $100K


Implemented a Geo Data Dictionary where the internal team can access all relevant data for specific geos with a single click