Improved employee experience by migrating from legacy contact center to Amazon Connect | HCLTech

Migrated legacy contact center to Amazon Connect to improve employee experiences

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5 min read

HCLTech addressed diverse challenges for a renowned New Zealand-based dairy cooperative exporting to over 130 countries. This case study illustrates our handling of scaling during COVID-19, enhancing disaster recovery and migrating to a modern platform.

The Challenge

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, our client faced multiple hurdles, including:

The challenges
  • Trying to scale effectively during COVID-19 with remote work
  • The pressing need to minimize downtime during future disruptions and enhance disaster recovery capabilities
  • Migration from a legacy platform to a new one was necessary to meet evolving demands
  • The need for granular reporting with flexibility to improve operational efficiency

The Objective

In pursuit of organizational excellence, the following objectives were identified:

The challenges
  • Enhance employee experience in day-to-day business operations
  • Modernize and manage the entire technology infrastructure across 140+ countries
  • Strengthen the service desk as a central point of contact for organizational services, necessitating 24/7 availability managed by dedicated teams from HCLTech's New Zealand, Malaysia and India offices, with direct calling from 26 countries
Migrated legacy

The Solution

HCLTech's Global IT team evaluated improvement opportunities with the existing Avaya platform and proposed instead to migrate to .

The challenges
  • We recommended migrating the service desk contact center to Amazon Connect for cost optimization and enhanced customer experience
  • The service now operates on a hybrid voice infrastructure, managing an average monthly call volume of 3,200
  • HCLTech agents from New Zealand and Malaysia transitioned to Amazon Connect at zero migration cost
  • Contact lens functionality enables quick call searches based on phrases and customer sentiment
  • We provided a step-by-step guide that boosts agent productivity, allowing them to handle complex calls without extra training

The Impact

Amazon Connect's robust analytics and seamless transitions improved overall service delivery. Benefits include:

The challenges
  • The solution’s comprehensive call analytics capabilities addressed the limitations of Avaya call reporting, leading to improved service level agreements and customer satisfaction
  • The hybrid voice infrastructure easily handles an average monthly call volume of 3,200, with agents in New Zealand and Malaysia seamlessly transitioning to Amazon Connect
  • Seamless scalability for additional countries
  • Updating the interactive voice responses (IVR) is much more efficient
  • Zero downtime guaranteed a dependable service desk experience
  • Supervisors can swiftly evaluate calls by searching for sentiment, expediting quality management
  • Customer experience is substantially enhanced
  • Essential features such as call recording, call reporting, global calling and WebRTC calling are now accessible to agents on Amazon Connect