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Infrastructure modernization for US-based utilities major

A US-based utilities major partnered with our AI & Cloud Native Labs to tackle regulatory and consumer challenges. We provided tailored digital solutions, modernized infrastructure with cloud-native tech and enhanced Industry 4.0 capabilities.
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5 min read

The Challenge

A US operating across multiple regions encountered several significant obstacles. The following challenges were the primary focus of the organization:

  • Legacy IT infrastructure
  • Poorly managed services
  • Lack of skilled resources

The Objective

The client aimed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Provide cost-effective modernization services
  • Enable cloud capabilities and enhance operational performance
  • Achieve efficiency in hybrid environments
  • Facilitate adoption of smart devices, cognitive computing and improved analytics
the objective

The Solution

Our expertise in enabled us to design a comprehensive program for our client's operations teams on SRE.

  • To accelerate SAP S/4HANA adoption across the enterprise, we deployed our pre-defined solution for the utility industry - Base90
  • Utilized IBM Cloud Paks for accelerated modernization
  • Implemented HCLSoftware DX for improved digital customer experience
  • Introduced FluidCC web-based contact center for unified customer and agent experiences
  • Provided training in IoTWoRKSTM/industrial IoT for enhanced workflows and overload management

The Impact

The client experienced multiple favorable business outcomes because of their collaboration with our :

  • Scalability: HCLTech AI & Cloud Native Labs' Base90 solution increases scalability with a flexible architecture for future integrations and load scaling
  • Improved performance: Cloud capabilities, automation and machine learning for focused business processes and real-time customer queries
  • Simplified maintenance: Modernized infrastructure with reduced custom development and easier upgrades
  • Enhanced user experiences: Skilled IT operations teams enhance user experiences at every level
  • Reduced costs: Quicker deployment, lower resource usage and enhanced cloud capabilities for cost savings