Leading pharma IT firm supports end users in the cloud to drive big business benefits | HCLTech
AI Case Study

HCLTech delivered a fully secure, scalable and cost-efficient cloud environment for a leading US-based pharma IT firm.

The client needed support with its complex compliance requirements and wanted to streamline the process for future migrations. Based on HCLTech's strong engineering DNA and history of collaboration, the client chose us to manage and deliver customized IT solutions for its business customers.

HCLTech matured the client from a proof-of-concept state into a fully secure and scalable enterprise operation environment in the cloud. Moving from zero servers to approximately 15,000 servers, HCLTech has driven the client’s progress by:

  • Reducing server provisioning time from one week on VMware to a few minutes in the cloud
  • Offering the pay-as-you-go model to its clients for added flexibility and agility
  • Helping enterprises migrate from on-premises infrastructure to an AWS-owned VPN environment

Download the case study to understand how HCLTech supported the client in overcoming cloud migration and compliance challenges.