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HCLTech is a Global Professional Services partner to Appian, harnessing the power of Appian's transformative low-code development platform. Through this partnership, HCLTech plays a vital role in enabling organizations to achieve remarkable success on their digital transformation journey and empowers these global organizations to elevate their operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and navigate the complexities of global risk management and compliance. This collaboration signifies our commitment to driving innovation and propelling businesses toward becoming thriving digital enterprises and unlocking new level of success.

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Our Solutions

Tamper Proof Audit Trail

The solution ensures untampered selective audit and event data. Our Appian application utilized OrbitDB for storing exhaustive case details, statuses, and actions, connected via Appian's Connected System. This enabled secure data insertion, retrieval, and display on the dashboard.

Auto Detection of Fraudulent Claims

Leverages Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics capabilities for fraud detection to overcome the traditional statistics perspective by enabling real-time processing.

Retail Bank Digital Account Opening

HCLTech's Digital Account Opening application integrates across web, mobile and branch, enabling a seamless opening process. A process automation and API-driven approach reduces customer burden and drives onboarding efficiency.

Retail Bank Digital Branch Customer Experience

HCLTech's Digital Branch CX app showcases engaging customers through digital solutions, optimizing branch experiences. It manages footfall, reduces wait times, offers priority service, and provides real-time personalized product offers.

HCLTech Appian Workato Connector

A common connector to Workato that can be leveraged without making any code changes, enabling connections to downstream or upstream systems that are, in turn, connected to Workato.

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