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In the contemporary digital landscape, customers hold elevated expectations for experiences that seamlessly intertwine with their individual preferences. HCLTech's Experience Design Services meticulously focus on optimizing each touchpoint within the customer journey, aiming to resonate effectively with customers and stimulate engagement. Our strategic approach aims to fortify customer relationships, enhance adoption and loyalty and ultimately catalyze revenue growth across a spectrum of digital, mobile and offline channels.

We leverage our expertise to empower businesses to navigate the dynamic intersection of technology and customer expectations, ensuring a harmonious and impactful connection between brands and their clienteles.


Our Capabilities

We place user experience at the forefront of design to elevate your brand's interactions. Through meticulous attention to detail, innovative strategies and a keen understanding of user behavior, we tailor seamless and engaging experiences across digital platforms. From intuitive interfaces to immersive journeys, our capabilities are geared towards not just meeting but exceeding user expectations

Experience strategy

Creating understanding and alignment with your target audience needs and preferences throughout their journey and connect it back to your business goals by creating an actionable CX roadmap.


Equipping teams with valuable insights into audience behaviors, preferences and market trends, empowering data-driven experience decisions

Experience design

Co-creating memorable and engaging experiences that leave a lasting impression, increase loyalty and drive greater engagement

Content strategy

Consistently deliver relevant, valuable and informative content that fosters brand credibility, authority and awareness across all channels

Interaction design

Building seamless and intuitive user experiences, leading to increased user engagement, improved conversion rates and heightened customer satisfaction

User testing

Gain valuable feedback from the target audience, enabling iteration and refinement to strategies, messages and interfaces based on real user input

Our Solutions

We collaboratively craft experiences that resonate with diverse audiences by harnessing our extensive global presence and profound human-centered design proficiency. Through this approach, we not only establish connections but also empower meaningful interactions, driving success at every engagement point.

Customer experience

Customer experience

Our approach is grounded in research, guided by personas across the entire customer journey and optimized for today’s omnichannel experiences

Employee experience

Employee experience

We leverage data analytics to build more effective onboarding, automate routine tasks, increase engagement and improve retention

User experience

User experience

Our experts design, prototype and test the intuitive, consistent, accessible interfaces and content necessary to achieve your business goals

Awards and Recognitions

HCLTech Positioned As A Leader In Avasant Digital CX Services 2022-23 RadarView :

HCLTech Has Been Positioned As A Leader In The 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Custom Software Development Services, Worldwide

HCL Recognized As A Leader In Avasant’s Digital Talent Capability RadarView™ 2021


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Discover the possibilities for innovation and business excellence
Discover the possibilities for innovation and business excellence1

Discover the possibilities for innovation and business excellence