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HCLTech and Kinaxis

Kinaxis and HCLTech Partnership

As a trusted partner of Kinaxis for 5 years, we have built a long-standing partnership with Kinaxis, a leading provider of supply chain planning and analytics software. We have invested heavily in capability building, with an induction of SMEs and training of resources on delivery focus.

We are Kinaxis' trusted partner and have built a team of experienced Kinaxis consultants distributed across different geographies globally. We bring a rich understanding of supply chain planning to our clients in the Healthcare and Manufacturing streams.

We have a proven track record of expertise in advanced planning systems and product support, including product implementation, support, customization, host enablement, reporting and analytics.

As Kinaxis' preferred partner, we are committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients and helping them achieve their supply chain planning goals.

Partnership Overview

Kinaxis Solutions for Supply Chain Planning and Management

Kinaxis supply chain planning and management solutions by HCLTech provide our clients with exceptional values and assist in achieving their organizational goals.

Sales and Operations Planning

Set financial targets, measure progress identify gaps between supply and demand and re-balance plans so you can maximize opportunities, minimize risk and keep your business profitable in today’s volatile environment.

Inventory Management

Develop targeted inventory improvement solutions. Simulate changes to inventory policies and understand and balance trade-offs between on-time delivery, revenue risk and inventory so you can drive service levels up and costs down.

Demand Planning

Stop guessing and start planning. Create realistic consensus-based plans and proactively monitor and improve forecasts and order status. So you can maximize revenue, minimize costs and keep your customers happy.

Command and Control Centre

Take control over what’s happening across your supply chain – from strategy through operations – with a real-time view of your entire ecosystem. Break down functional silos, collaborate across company boundaries and gain insights into risks and opportunities.

Featured Case Studies

Read the case studies to learn how HCLTech has transformed businesses with Kinaxis solutions


HCLTech's Kinaxis solutions and services to transform supply chains. Download the brochures and whitepapers!

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