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Your SAP Partner for Driving Sustainable Business

Our sustainability solutions for SAP are designed to drive positive action in reducing scope 2 and scope 3 emissions — and deliver improvements across sourcing, manufacturing and distribution operations.

From encouraging sustainable sourcing decisions to using IoT to monitor energy consumption and emissions in real-time, we’ll ensure data is integrated into SAP transactions to drive step-change improvements.


Turn Sustainability Challenges Into Opportunities for Positive Change

Now is the time to act on ESG goals. Incorporate sustainability into your business operations with solutions that go beyond reporting to drive tangible action at scale.

Sustainable sourcing with Ariba and EvoVadis

Sustainable sourcing with Ariba and EvoVadis

Make sustainability and ESG criteria a key part of your sourcing strategy and drive improvements in your supplier base and scope 3 emissions. Our solution integrates Ariba and EcoVadis to automate the process of requesting sustainability audits and including ESG risk ratings in supplier selection.

Sustainable Manufacturing Operations with IoT

Sustainable manufacturing operations with IoT

Get actionable insights to help drive sustainability improvements in production and logistics operations. Our NIO solution monitors operations in real-time, measuring parameters such as power consumption, water usage, effluent and bi-products, tracking data at production and batch levels in SAP S/4HANA.

Sustainable Commerce

Sustainable commerce

Provide your eCommerce customers with sustainability information and options to reduce the environmental impact of their purchases. Our B2B and B2C SAP templates include solutions for alternative, environmentally- friendly delivery and product recycling options.

AquaSphere water monitoring

AquaSphere water monitoring

Reduce water waste and reach your water sustainability goals. HCLTech’s AquaSphere solution uses IoT sensors and SAP Datasphere to track and analyze Green Water usage, providing water recycling monitoring and optimization in real-time.