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Digital disruptions are forcing companies to change their business models. To help organizations thrive and prosper in these settings, HCLTech is adopting newer ways of service delivery with a more customer-centric approach. We believe that catering to the “right here, right now” requirement is the paramount factor in enhancing and ensuring customer loyalties today. Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offering is a critical step in this direction.

RPA shortens time-to-market, enhances service delivery, reduces Y-O-Y costs, minimizes manual intervention, and drives predictability to alleviate major business challenges that organizations face. It aims at facilitating a strategic transformation of clients’ business processes, ensuring cost benefits while also enhancing speed, quality, continuity, and security of service delivery. We make processes more scalable, and easy to govern.

HCLTech’s Automation Centre of Excellence (CoE) enables a 21st-century organization to “think like an agile startup but deliver like a lean enterprise”.

Robotic process automation (RPA)



HCLTech partnered with a leading European bank to set up an RPA CoE that enabled deployment of 200+ bots across 80+ processes throughout internal and third-party applications with innovative price construct. It offered Toscana-driven business process re-engineering for retail banking operations, elimination of paper-based transactions, and automation of repetitive manual activities. This optimized efforts equivalent to 350+ FTEs, reduced cycle time by 70%, and enhanced scalability for seasonal peaks.


Capital Market

Leveraging 3-lever BPM framework, HCLTech implemented RPA for a large custodian bank, where Pushing & Posting Trades were carried out manually, and broker statements were downloaded from various web applications for reconciliation. Such manual interventions made the process significantly more error-prone. RPA bot automated the reconciliation process and resolved trade breaks as per predefined business rules for the upstream system. This helped the client optimize resource utilization by 60%.


Public Services

We partnered with a prestigious global consulting firm for an Asian chemical major with the objective to improve its highly manual procurement process, with ~33,000 transactions annually. The network spanned across multiple vendors and locations, which led to 50% of extra time being spent to complete the purchasing process and a significant increase in labor costs. HCLTech’s lean recommendations streamlined the purchase process while the RPA reduced the PR-to-PO processing time by eliminating manual dependencies.



A large defense manufacturer received 350k+ invoices annually generated through multiple systems/applications by its thousands of vendors. The format of invoices varied from handwritten, image, scan, PDF, among others, rendering the processing and tracking practice inefficient. HCLTech deployed its patented ML/NLP based product, EXACTO – an intelligent text extraction tool, to handle physical invoices. Besides, the deployed RPA bots crawled across systems to collect data from varied sources for invoice processing, thus reducing the AHT by 60%.



HCLTech performed skill gap analysis for a large pharmaceutical company that was searching for a partner for its RPA CoE. Leveraging its unique model, which had by then accomplished 140+ use cases, HCLTech established the ‘build – test – deploy’ operating model and deployed RPA bots, delivering measurable enhancement in CoE performance.



A telecom service provider had non-standardized network operations spread across 16 geographies and utilizing thousands of resource-hours daily across SBTS, E2E Txn, handover alarm, radio frequency optimization, and user access management. Extensive manual activities made the processes inefficient and error-prone with high turnaround time for service requests. HCLTech deployed an RPA incumbent and, through agile automation, delivered annual savings of €30 million along while improving process accuracy and ensuring 100% compliance. This was one of the largest RPA engagements in telecom domain with 100+ consultants automating 700+ processes.


Consumer Services

The client manually collected DobleClick for Publisher (DFP) reports for all the advertisement campaigns and prepare a report at the month end. This report was utilized to provide product prices, create new campaigns, research, and vendor management, among others. The delay in reporting meant that the client could not effectively interface with customers in an agile manner. HCLTech automated the report creation using RPA, resulting not only in 70% reduction in human effort but also on-demand report generation for more informed strategic discussions between stakeholders.



Better Service Delivery


Short time-to-Investment Recovery


System Agnostic & Non-Invasive Nature


Advanced Analytics


Easier Management & Control


Cost Reduction

HCLTech – a partner of choice for RPA journey

Strong Techno-Functional Expertise

HCLTech understands that no two engagements are the same. Our experience has shown that managing risk is crucial for a successful implementation, which demands a carefully tailored approach, using the methodology as a reference rather than a prescription. HCLTech brings with it the strength of 1000+ process, product, and domain experts, delivering the best results in every engagement.

Wide Implementation Base

HCLTech has over 100 use cases of successful engagements across industries and functions. Our tried and tested tools, framework, and accelerators act as a catalyst in RPA journey, bringing business benefits, higher productivity and efficiency, cost reduction, and, most importantly, greater customer experience.

Dedicated RPA Center of Excellence (CoE)

HCLTech’s RPA CoE and automation lab focuses on providing innovative automation solutions tailored to clients’ specific requirements. Our automation lab leverages HCLTech global delivery model to provide seamless customer service worldwide. This brings agility in the RPA journey and enables faster deployments.

Best-in-Class Partners Landscape

HCLTech has built strong partnership with leading RPA product players and academic institutes to develop automation capabilities for our clients. This gives us access to the product, support teams, and their CXOs and a heads-up on their future roadmap, enabling us to stay better prepared for changes and implementation.

End-to-End Vision of Solution

HCLTech offers process re-engineering and orchestration along with the product (assisted/unassisted) to provide end to-end implementation.

Flexible Engagement & Commercial Model

HCLTech offers a flexible and nimble engagement model with a compelling financial construct. While the traditional models like Managed Services, Fixed Capacity, and T&M are operational globally, HCLTech focuses on partnering with a client in a more innovative Gain-Share model, and putting its skin the game, with a risk and reward methodology. This model speaks volumes of our confidence and experience in executing multiple successful engagements globally and giving our clients benefits upfront.