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True Visibility Across Your Operations

We work with you to develop a customized strategy for driving operational transformation through new technologies and operating models. Our business strategy consulting services help enterprises achieve operational excellence and institutionalize change programs with a focus on productivity, competitiveness, innovation and customer-centricity.

HCLTech's future-ready enterprise solutions and wide range of advisory and implementation services – which include initiatives like driving expansion plans, developing operational blueprints and designing customer service programs, for example – are purpose-built to allow you to rationalize, simplify and automate your business processes with unprecedented efficiency.

It's as simple as it is essential: UVISIONTM for Business helps organizations across the energy and utilities sector make faster strides toward sustainability by making better use of digital technology and processes.


Strong Customer Relationships

Digital strategy development

We help develop the strategies to guide the implementation and use of digital technologies and systems.

Enhance Business Agility

Digital transformation consulting

We provide consulting services for developing, managing and supporting a complete digital transformation.

Turn Risks Into Opportunities

Cloud computing consulting

We help businesses evaluate and implement cloud-based systems to store and access data and applications.

Faster And More Efficient Digital Operations

Internet of Things (IoT) consulting

We help businesses evaluate, implement and collect/analyze the data from IoT technologies and systems.

Drive Scalable Growth

Cybersecurity consulting

We provide consulting services to help businesses protect their IT systems and data from cyber threats.

HCLTech UVISIONTM Business is a consulting offering that can help you optimize your use of digital technologies and systems to improve efficiency, reduce costs and better serve your customers. Many energy and utilities companies have digital consulting divisions or work with specialized consulting firms to provide these services.

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