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Modernize utilities Infrastructure and Processes

UVISIONTM for Engineering is designed and built on three pillars of execution:

  • Accelerating product development with cutting-edge technology
  • Monetizing product services
  • Offering a fantastic customer experience

As the Energy & Utilities industry continues to evolve – with innovative new products being introduced almost daily – Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) each play critical roles in ensuring the efficiency, dependability and safety of OEM-supplied equipment throughout the product lifecycle. In other words, IT and OT keep the power grid running smoothly and efficiently.


Product design and development

Product design and development

Our Engineering IT experts use CAD software and other tools to innovate and build new energy and utilities products.

Testing and quality assurance

Testing and quality assurance

Our automated real-time validity testing systems ensure all applications, tools and equipment meet your specs.

Product lifecycle management

Product lifecycle management (PLM)

Our PLM systems track and manage the development, production and maintenance of all your products.

Operations management systems

Operations management systems

Through real-time monitoring, forecasting and controls, we support your day-to-day operations, including generation, transmission and distribution.

Drive Scalable Growth

Data management

We store, organize and analyze data related to your operations so you can make data-driven decisions and improve the reliability of your service performance.

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