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Platforms Engineering


The largest enterprises in terms of market capitalization, these days, are Digital Platform Companies as they create tremendous value by facilitating commerce and monetization of Products and Services.

The Platform Economy is not just supporting transactions, it has also opened doors to new revenue streams for organizations and has orchestrated better customer experiences.

HCL’s end-to-end Platform Engineering services help our customers in achieving the best value from their engineering investments in building, running, and maintaining their high-performance, secure, and highly scalable platforms.

The digital disruption and the associated shift from monolithic to micro service-based architectures, containerization, et al, have brought in both new opportunities and novel engineering challenges for organizations. The new normal has made companies to work on adoption of collaborative digitized engineering processes to accelerate platform development, secure the digital and physical world, and automate the process across PDLC and operations.

HCL works with our customers to shoulder these responsibilities by providing support at different stages of their transformation journey, whether it is related to strategizing, building, migrating, deploying, sustaining, or supporting operations.

HCL has been positioned as a leader in Zinnov Zones for Engineering R&D Services, 2019. HCL has also secured leadership position in multiple horizontals, namely, Platform Engineering, Design and Simulation, User Experience, and Quality Assurance.


  • Consulting Services
  • Platform Development Services
  • Platform Sustenance Services
  • Operations Services

Consulting Services

  • Digital assessment & Blueprint
    Digital assessment & Blueprint
  • Platform Selection/ Strategy
    Platform Selection/ Strategy
  • DevSecOps Strategy
    DevSecOps Strategy

Platform Development Services

  • Platform/ Product Modernization
    Platform/ Product Modernization
  • New Digital Platform/ Product development
    New Digital Platform/ Product development
  • DevSecOps Automation
    DevSecOps Automation

Platform Sustenance Services

  • Platform/ Product sustenance
    Platform/ Product sustenance

Operations Services

  • Digital Ops Management
    Digital Operations Management
  • DevSecOps – Platform monitoring
    DevSecOps – Platform monitoring
  • Customer Onboarding
    Customer Onboarding


CloudBridge Analyzer
CloudBridge Analyzer

Analysis and assessment framework to assess monolith systems and identify potential functional module of subsystems and cluster and their dependencies. Automation-led analysis reduces the time taken to analyze by 80% and provides actionable recommendations for componentization.


Automates modularization and containerization of application workloads for seamless Cloud deployment. Intuitive wizard-based UI for creating docker file and docker images per planned application deployment strategy. Simplifies the complexity of containerized deployment and saves up to 90% effort.

Platform Acceleration Suite (PAS)
Platform Acceleration Suite (PAS)

Combines reusable software components, packaged applications frameworks, and automation tools. Accelerates business application rollout by up to 40%.Read More

Cloud Works
Cloud Works

Cloud Works platform brings to life the art of possibilities on automation to accelerate and ease the deployment and management of microservices application on Kubernetes cluster on a chosen Cloud Platform with just a few clicks on a UI.Read More

Ace Micro
Ace Micro

A cloud-friendly and agile-friendly container-based microservices development accelerator. With standards-based automatic code generation, it helps cut down the microservices development time by 50% and accelerates deployment by 80%.


iStudio is a comprehensive infrastructure-as-a-code platform to enable adaptive infrastructure provisioning across multi-cloud environments. With a simple and intuitive design studio, you can design and manage a blueprint that provides a holistic view of the infrastructure components.


HCL’s self-service SMART DevOps platform with DIY enablement for Agile teams to adopt the industry’s best DevOps practices that are yielding, and easily done at low sustenance cost. RAPID is a holistic DevOps platform that can take application development and operations to the next level of agility.