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Accessibility Services

We enable enterprises to design and build products accessible to all

To create an inclusive world, it is imperative to have robust technologies that benefit everyone. HCLTech is committed to this and is partnering with leading companies across the globe from diverse industry groups to make the world more inclusive.

Accessibility Experts session


Why accessible products & services

Social Responsibility
  • As 15% of the world's population has recognized disabilities providing accessible platforms offers more independence and inclusiveness to people with disabilities.


Enhanced Usability
  • Improving digital accessibility leads to increased usability of products and services
  • Inclusive designs make products/services and the environment more accessible for individuals with disabilities


Accessibility is an Investment
  • As a global emerging market, the disabled community is an increasingly powerful demographic, representing millions in annual disposable income
  • People with disabilities connect with more trust towards a brand’s products/service offerings
  • Adoption of Accessibility helps organization mitigate the risk of legal actions.



Benefits of choosing HCLTech as your preferred accessibility partner

400+ certified developers and testers
  • Accessibility certified engineers from the Department of Homeland Security, United States.
26+ accessibility consultants
  • IAAP( International Association of Accessibility Professionals) certified accessibility architects, SMEs & consultants
10% PWDs in program
  • HCLTech has PWDs on the program to share insights on the challenges and difficulties users with disabilities face in the product life cycle.
AUX automation platform
  • HCLTech’s in-house AUX platform automation suite streamlines the assessment process, saving our partners time and money.
20+ accessibility global clients
  • We provide end-to-end accessibility solutions to multiple clients across industries.
  • We partner with global organizations to create a culturally diverse workforce.


HCLTech Accessibility services

In recent years, with an increased awareness and demands of accessibility, every organization must consider making their products and services meet accessibility requirements. HCLTech provides best-in-class accessibility services to our customers.

  • Expertise in creating accessible designs for a seamless and delightful user experience
  • Feedbacks/reviews on UI wireframes
  • Evaluation against Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, EN 301 549 and WCAG 2.1 A/AA/AAA standards
  • Assessment and remediation of document accessibility issues
  • Includes PDF, MS Word/Excel/PPT, ePUB and other forms of document
  • Consultation services to establish accessibility standards within an organization
  • a11y defect fixes adhering to global standards
  • Architecture review for codebases and different technologies
  • Documentation of Accessibility Conformance Report / Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (ACR/VPAT) required for accessibility conformance certification
  • Review existing ACR/VPAT for correctness and validity
  • Testing performed by people with disabilities using assistive technologies
  • Highly efficient and cost-effective method conducted as a pre-usability study
  • Study by Accessibility UX researchers involving participants of varied disabilities
  • Comprehensive analysis and recommendations reported for a delightful user experience

HCLTech Accessibility engine and automation solution

HCLTech acts as an accessibility partner providing end-to-end solutions powered by our cutting-edge solution accelerators. With our tools and an experienced research team, we continuously strive to innovate, bring efficiencies, enable our customers, and enhance end-user experience.

AUX Browser Plugin icon
AUX Browser Plugin:

Automates 40% of WCAG rules

Site Monitoring icon
Site Monitoring:

Measures accessibility sustenance of sites after every release

Scorecard icon

Single view of compliance status for all digital properties

Data Analytics Dashboard icon
Data Analytics Dashboard:

Analytics-driven insights and trends for enhanced decision-making

UNISON - HCLTech’s Crowdsourcing Platform
UNISON - HCLTech’s Crowdsourcing Platform icon
UNISON - HCLTech’s Crowdsourcing Platform:

Captures diverse PWDs feedback

Remediation Chatbot icon
Remediation Chatbot:

Provides developers ready reference for a wide range of defect fixes

File Validator icon
File Validator:

Reports accessibility violation for multiple file formats (HTML, CSS, RSS, DITA, Outlook, Word documents and images)

eDat Automation icon
eDat Automation:

Automation of hardware accessibility

Indoor Navigator icon
Indoor Navigator:

Mobile application to enable PWDs in finding their way around large indoor spaces

Global Partnership

HCLTech is a socially responsible organization. Our team is engaged with NPOs worldwide to run multiple initiatives for people with disabilities.

Accessibility Testing Tools
Microsoft Enabler Program

Partnership with Microsoft on the 'Microsoft Enabler Program', which pioneers inclusive hiring across Asia Pacific by removing the barriers for a more diverse workforce.

Accessibility Testing Tools
Partnership with NPOs

In collaboration with organizations to provide recruitment/trainings to people with disabilities and create accessibility awareness.

Our Recognitions

Best Inclusion and Diversity

Accessibility 101
  • Gold award for the ‘Best Inclusion and Diversity Strategy' presented by Brandon Hall in 2020

Exemplar of Inclusion

Accessibility Testing Tools
  • 'Exemplar of Inclusion' award by Working Mother & Avtar Most Inclusive Companies Index in India in 2020

NASSCOM Corporate Awards

Screen Readers
  • Winner at the NASSCOM Corporate Awards for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion in 2019