Digitalization is unlocking newer opportunities for leadership and strategic growth, key to strategic edge in a rapidly changing business world for global enterprises. PLM is increasingly seen as the enabling technology for driving digitalization. However, traditional PLM systems are evolving to keep pace with the changes, challenging enterprises in advancing their PLM strategies for realizing the true potential of digitalization.

Historically, enterprise PLM applications have been designed to support data authoring that serve dedicated user domain but have had minimal impact on consumption of this data & process enablement, that transcend traditional business and IT silos. Further, the focus has been around traditional mechanical led areas and missing the value of connections across the entire product development lifecycle. As manufacturers & their ecosystem have grown both geographically and organizationally, the systems have struggled with constraints impacting quality of collaboration. These changes coupled with significant enhancement in capability and functional coverage by all leading PLM ISV’s, necessitates the need to invest in next generation PLM systems. This investment in next generation PLM is essential to support a flexible and focused business infrastructure capable of driving new business models and responding to market requirements with smart, connected products.

A successful transformation to a next generation PLM will be determined by the ability of enterprises to reimagine their PLM strategies in context of model based enterprise enabling

  • Realization of digital thread platform through a holistic strategy achieving an alignment of enterprise value elements (People, Process, Technology, Data and Things), individually & collectively,
  • Leveraging digital PLM assets created over the years across the ecosystem driving digital continuity across applications without losing the context or meaning and
  • Providing the capability to transform from data authoring to data consumption enabling the processes
  • Delivered through agile and efficient development methodology

This is where HCL can deliver significant value. Our next generation PLM capabilities combined with our ability to support customers on IT and business processes front leveraging our expertise in Engineering Services domain has enabled HCL understand the challenges in evolving PLM systems and partner in empowering digital enterprise of the future with best-in-class PLM strategies


Key Features



Holistic approach ensuring people,process and technology alignment


KPI and tool based methodoloy enabling rapid and robust deployment of a flexible enterprise PLM IT backbone

Application Management
Application Management

Maturity based application management services for PLM and engineering IT

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A rich portfolio of tools and technologies spanning across Design, Manufacturing and Visualization space to enable next generation product development Read More

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