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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)


The Situation Today

Organizations need to continually evolve their products and services to remain competitiveand meet the needs of a dynamic market. This constant drive to enhance functionality,improve customer satisfaction, and broaden offerings often results in a complex structureand large unmanageable portfolios of products, services and projects.

HCL’s PLM solutions and services can enable them structure and analyze hundreds ofthousands of pieces of information associated with complex product development - in asingle repository. HCL utilizes its proprietary frameworks and processes to enable a phaseddelivery/deployment, thus ensuring clear visibility at each step. Engaging HCL for PLMservices has resulted in transformational benefits for these clients.

Recently, HCL acquired Geometric Limited to bolster its capabilities in the PLM consulting, mechanical and manufacturing space. This acquisition also significantly strengthens HCL’s automotive and industrial practices.

How HCL Can Help

HCL helps companies achieve:

  • Visibility into customer needs to enable true customer-focused development
  • Faster innovation by leveraging a globally dispersed product
  • The flexibility needed to differentiate their offerings
  • Optimization of their development processes to reduce time-to-market which helps maximize development ROI

HCL’s PLM Offerings

HCL’s PLM solutions focus on faster time-to-market, reduced cost of product development,and product innovation. HCL’s end-to-end PLM solutions include PLM consulting,implementation, customization, migration and integration, and product support for multiple Product lifecycle management software PLM and products across the aerospace, automotive, industrial machinery, CPG and retail, hi-tech, and life sciences industries.


Technology Stack

PLM technologies on Siemens PLM, Dassault Systemes Enovia, PTC-Windchill, Oracle Agile, SAP PLM, Aras and Tacton Product Configurator

Accelerators and Frameworks

HCL’s solution accelerators and proprietary frameworks help organizations assess the maturity of PLM applications, enable end-to-end implementation of the PLM solution, and continuously improve the applications being supported.

PLM Frameworks

  • PLM Assessment Approach (score card based) with the PLM Product Selection Framework that utilizes a survey-based evaluation approach to select a suitable PLM tool that is aligned to an enterprise’s goals
  • PLM Maturity Assessment Framework that recommends corrective actions and changes to be made to existing processes and structure
  • PLM Implementation and Migration Framework which has specific processes, tools and templates
  • PLM Support Frameworkcomes with the e-support center, and best practices

Solution Accelerators

  • Green Design Workbench– a Green KPI monitoring solution framework with supplier compliance processes
  • PLM SharePoint Integrations- enables seamless collaboration through PLM and SharePoint integration, to address the needs of an extended user base of the enterprise
  • PLM Data Security Solution - enables fool-proof security to business critical IP data of organizations
  • PLM Accelerated Functional Testing- allows optimum test coverage while reducing the overall Customer Found Defect (CFD) rates for PLM platforms
  • PLM Performance Engineering – a one-stop-shop for all PLM performance engineering services that takes end-to-end ownership, with extensive expertise in high volume transaction PLM systems and related technologies

The HCL Advantage

  • HCL’s PLM CoE– Provides the tools and frameworks to address the challenges faced during engineering product lifecycle management, product data management - migration, and integrations. This ensures that the PLM services (consulting implementation, rollout and support) are delivered with the full understanding and rigor of the product development process.
  • TCO Optimization – HCL’s innovative solutions aim at reducing the cost of ownership while making the maximum business impact for customers. Tools such as dyLMA for license cost optimization, and solutions such as Accelerated Functional Testing, exemplify HCL’s commitment towards creating value and benefits for customers.
  • Engineering Services Experience – HCL delivers end-to end engineering services across domains. This experience has provided us with insights into the engineering needs of various industries and has helped us deliver the right solution, every time, to our customers.
  • Partnerships with ISVs – HCL is committed to ensuring the highest levels of service delivery and customer satisfaction to all its customers and has thus partnered with all the major PLM software vendors or independent service providers, to ensure that its solutions cover all PLM platforms and the intricacies of each PLM system.
  • Sustainability Practices – HCL’s in-depth understanding of environmental compliance requirements while designing and developing products/solutions helps it deliver high impact business solutions. HCL has also built its own framework (Green Design Workbench) which guides companies towards designing environmentally sustainable products.

What We’ve Done For Others

  • For a Scandinavian Industrial Leader, HCL provided PLM support and maintenance services on strict SLAs, and reduced 85% of the application ticket volume over a span of 18 months.
  • For a Leading Test Equipment Maker in the Semiconductor Industry, HCL protected more than $1 billion in annual revenues by ensuring compliance with the European Union’s RoHS regulations, and helped the company streamline the collection of regulatory compliance data from 7,000 of its suppliers.
  • For a Leading U.S.-based Telecom OEM, HCL ensured up to 30% savings in license costs through HCL’s recommended solution with unbiased product identification while decreasing the time to market by up to 25% through streamlined operations.
  • For a Leading U.S.-based Flash Memory Chip Maker, HCL provided ‘first time right’ PLM and ERP integrations providing 60% more information to stakeholders than before, resulting in improved collaboration between engineering, manufacturing and partner groups.

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Business Impact through Product Engineering
Business Impact through Product Engineering
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.