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As half the tasks can be potentially automated, it is essential to explore a smarter route to maximizing customer benefits with minimal effort. Our cognitive product support framework can be implemented across domains in both B2C and B2B environments with greater precision, consistency, and predictability, resulting in improved customer experience. This framework is an outcome of experience in Engineering Support Services acquired over the last 36 years with over 300 customers spread across 31 countries and over 10 industries.

Customer experience is governed by the speed at which consistent and accurate support is offered. Our framework takes this into account to drive tangible benefits in customer satisfaction (CSAT) while lowering total cost of ownership (TCO). We facilitate tight integration and synergies for the frontline (L0-L2) and the prime focus area should be engineering support teams. A shift from manual tasks/knowledge lookups for servicing a request to learning from these manual and repetitive tasks is imperative. The right automation framework would enable the frontline support to handle the requests at their level, freeing up bandwidth at the higher levels for more complicated tasks.

Our CPS engine adds a machine learning-based intelligence layer to the existing support systems, unlocking a cross-channel customer journey. With over a hundred customizable dashboards right out of the box, integration with popular CRM & ALM tools, a responsive UI, and optimized resource planning, it is focused on improving the Value per Interaction and not just cost savings.

Cognitive Product Support


Cognitive Product Support (CPS) solution is a combination of proven analytics, data mining, & machine learning, along with a best-in-class process benchmarking approach which helps capture, analyze, interpret and action the composite customer experience journey.

enablers (Bots)

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  • After a careful assessment of our customers's existing business processes, HCLTech Tech leverages bots developed in-house to introduce automation and drastically reduce the amount of time taken for repetitive tasks. These automation enablers are designed to eliminate up to 50% of tasks while optimizing critical business KPIs such as maximum time to resolution (MTTR) and turn-around time (TAT) for the tasks that cannot be automated. HCLTech Tech’s bots are integrated into widely known platforms to enable a seamless transition for our customers and ensure minimal business disruption.

Artificial Intelligence & Knowledge Engineering

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  • When an agent or an engineer is addressing customer queries, we believe that bringing the relevant knowledge from available sources of data (structured or unstructured) and providing top 3 to 5 recommendations on how to go about resolving such queries is paramount. We combine machine learning, data mining and domain knowledge to build a knowledge engine that plays a central role in helping human agents as well as trained bots across the customer’s journey. The framework provides a “guided path” to customers on how to quickly triage issues and resolve them.

Natural Language
Processing (NLP)

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  • We believe it is crucial to have the right NLP technology for our customers in order to maintain (and in some cases improve) the CSAT score as well as maintain the quality of the conversations. Our CPS solution combines best-in-class NLP technology customized to the specific kinds of product issues that our customers address on a daily basis. This includes best practices in sentiment analysis, user intent extraction and the like.