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Turn Data Challenges into Competitive Advantages

Vast enterprise data often lies dormant due to a lack of comprehensive data engineering strategies that set a governance framework to enable and regulate data utilization, collection, management and consumption.

Starting with a thorough business or use case analysis, HCLTech develops a complete understanding of your data needs and technical underpinnings to create and execute strategic plans and solutions that address real opportunities and challenges.


Platforms and Frameworks Streamlining Data Engineering

Our proven platforms and frameworks simplify Data Engineering & AI from implementation to maintenance to optimize data pipeline effectiveness and resilience and enhance all data-driven operations.


Data platform modernization framework that enables enterprises to efficiently build, deploy, monitor and maintain agile and cost-efficient, modern data platforms.


AI lifecycle management platform for applying machine learning to real-world problems. AION automates the complete data pipeline from raw dataset ingestion to deployable machine learning model with a low-code/no-code approach.

Antares iDL

Modern data platform with integrated components for building scalable industrial data platforms using best-of-breed technologies, designed for the cloud era.


Data Strategy Development at Any Scope

From end-to-end data modernization to process-level development, HCLTech offers services for optimizing data-driven operations at an enterprise scale to maximize the value you get from your data.

Data modernization roadmap

Combine offensive and defensive modernization to drive innovation with democratized data at scale and optimized cost.

Data engineering platform selection

Leverage the right technologies to create an agile, scalable stack to help build higher-value products and services faster.

Analytics enablement

Democratize data and fine-tune analytics tools to user needs to promote collaborative insight discovery and impactful decisions.

AI strategy development

Use powerful automation to drive productivity and maximize the value of human input in analytics, development and decision-making.

AI/ML operationalization

Ensure reliability, security and ongoing performance when integrating AI/ML models into key processes.

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