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The focus of the global healthcare industry is to provide seamless access to healthcare, meet the increasing demand for healthcare engineering services, and reduce the rising cost of these services. The global healthcare industry is being driven by the health needs of aging and growing populations, the rising prevalence of chronic diseases, expansion of emerging markets, creation of connected healthcare solutions, and advancement of treatments and technologies. Innovations are changing the landscape of the healthcare industry and making patient-centric ecosystem imperatives most relevant.

HCLTech’s Medical Devices practice has extensive experience and expertise of working on a vast array of medical devices- ranging from complex electromechanical devices to disposables, surgical equipment to Implantable Devices (Active & Non-Active), Point of Care, In vitro diagnostics (IVD), and Lab Diagnostics Devices to connected device ecosystems.

As a healthcare engineering, sustenance, and regulatory partner of choice to nine of the top ten medical devices companies, HCLTech has delivered innovation at a predictable cost model. HCLTech has a track record of working on over 200 Class I, II, and III medical devices successfully across the various life stages of the product life cycle.

HCLTech works on New Product Development, Product Sustenance, Regulatory and Compliance, New Technology Adoption (IoT, Digital, Cybersecurity, SaMD, VAVE (Value Analysis & Value Engineering), Cloud Enablement) and much more. HCLTech also works on Connected Healthcare platforms which bring together various systems and processes, facilitate remote patient care to improve patient experience and provide access to healthcare for dispersed communities.

Key Differentiators

Connected Design

Largest medical devices practice among Indian outsourcing providers with rich experience in healthcare

Connected Manufacturing

20+ years of experience in medical devices alone with several complex mission-critical electro-mechanical products developed from concept to launch

Connected Products and Services

Partner to nine of the top ten medical devices companies, involved in the development of 200+ devices

Connected Products and Services

5000+ experienced engineers, dedicated to the medical devices and diagnostics domain

Connected Products and Services

Proven results with significant cost benefits, should-cost analysis, and enhanced product performance for clients


MQMS - HCLTech Medical Quality Management System

Established framework to ensure all processes are streamlined during delivery. 

Integrated Development for Medical Devices

Touching all aspects of engineering, systematically, to ensure the complete package while delivering quality service.

Mechanical Engineering

Taking engineering from concept to support through a range of processes. Read More

Electrical Engineering

Engineering built-in processors and micro-controllers, analog design, digital design, motion control, and power electronics.

Embedded Software Engineering Expertise

Crisp testing through programming languages, specification-led processors, communication protocols and drivers, BSP Diagnostics, among others. Read More

Application Software Engineering

Concept to sustenance service through requirement analysis, system integration, unit test execution, and others.. Read More

Product Testing

Streamlined and meticulous process of design verification, material characterization, reverse engineering & prototyping, among others. Read More

Sustenance Engineering

Readily available SLUs to help kick-start sustaining efforts, device classification, and lifecycle management.

MDR and IVDR Compliance Services

Simple and efficient approach to ensure timely compliance to evolving regulatory changes.

Manufacturing Engineering Services

750+ highly experienced Manufacturing and Engineering professionals, 60-70% reduction in Time in CNC Tool path programming, 50% improvement in productivity.