Engineering Healthcare Technology Management System

Accelerating the Evolving Landscape of Health Care

As the narrative of the medical landscape shifts and evolves, it isn't solely about extending life but enriching the essence of those years. MedTech stands at this pivotal junction, placing patients at the heart of the story, ensuring they receive unmatched experiences at every interaction.

Accelerating the Evolving Landscape of Health Care

Our MedTech Offerings for Transforming Patient Care

Our MedTech engineering services provide a technological advantage that enables our clients to build a smart and connected healthcare ecosystem that transforms patient life.

Sustenance engineering

Enhance medical device performance, durability and client satisfaction while ensuring compliance across regions and maintaining top-notch quality

CARE™ (Connected Assets in Regulated Environment)

Industry-leading healthcare platform for creating device and patient-care ecosystems

Medical affairs

Enhancing the integrity, accessibility and accuracy of medical data through our medical affairs services

Regulatory services

Navigating the dynamic regulatory landscape with our end-to-end MedTech regulatory and compliance services


Related Capabilities

MQMS (Medical Quality Management System)

Established framework to ensure all processes are streamlined during delivery

Integrated development for medical devices

Touching all aspects of engineering, systematically, to ensure the complete package while delivering quality service

Mechanical engineering

Taking engineering from concept to support through a range of processes with 50% improvement in productivity

Electrical engineering

Engineering built-in processors and micro-controllers, analog design, digital design, motion control and power electronics

Embedded software engineering expertise

Crisp testing through programming languages, specification-led processors, communication protocols and drivers

Application software engineering

Concept to sustenance services from requirement analysis, system integration, unit test execution and more

Product testing

Streamlined and meticulous process of design verification, material characterization, reverse engineering and prototyping

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