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5G networks will be required to provide highly differentiated services to mobile users and industry verticals (manufacturing, automotive, energy utilities, healthcare, multi-media, public safety, public transport, finance) in the near future. Network Slicing and NFV architecture will allow network operators to dynamically provision dedicated virtual networks with functionality and performance tailored for heterogeneous users. Distributed Clouds, NFV, and SDN with E2E orchestration will be key technology enablers for the deployment and successful operation of a common network infrastructure, to be able to provide 5G dynamic and differentiated services.

HCLTech Network Slicing concept implementation is based on open standard components, like Containerized OpenStack for Distributed NFV, OpenAirInterface stack for both LTE RAN and core network VNFs, where slice selection function has been implemented. Using the Cloudify orchestration platform, HCLTech provides an effective solution for VNF onboarding and E2E orchestration in multi-VIM scenario. With our experience with NFV and SDN, together with Cloudify we are ready to meet the challenging requirements set by 5G and Network Slicing. These key technologies are also applicable to existing 4G networks as enablers for service differentiation and a seamless transition to 5G.

Key Features

Automatic Test Orchestration
E2E Network Slicing Orchestration with Cloudify

Zero touch VNF onboarding, Network Slices creation and service activation on a distributed NFV Telco Cloud

AI driven Intelligent Test Planning
4G Slice Selection Capabilities

Slice selection criteria based on standard 4G UE terminal for smooth transition from 4G to 5G core networks

Insights & Dashboarding
Cloud-enabled vEPC Components

vEPC components crafted by HCLTech, based on open source OpenAirInterface software

Lab Management
Containerized OpenStack Solution

Containerized/tailored OpenStack to fit different alternatives for distributed NFV deployment, scaling from small edge POD to centralized data centers