TURBO - Network Testing Automation Platform

Transforming Telco with AI-Powered Automation

HCLTech’s Turbo automation platform empowers Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) to overcome business and technical challenges using AI and automation. Turbo streamlines end-to-end test lifecycle management for telco networks, devices and applications. By leveraging analytics, it reduces operational costs and accelerates network and service launches. In today's rapidly evolving telecom landscape, TSPs face increasing demands to adopt new technologies and launch services quickly. Turbo addresses these challenges by automating testing, reducing the burden on TSPs and enhancing their agility.

Transforming Telco with AI-Powered Automation

Key Capabilities Powering Telcos for Next-Gen Advancements

Automatic test execution

Scheduling, test case and defect management, parallel test execution, interface with telecom infrastructure and test equipment

AI driven intelligent test planning

SW BOTs use AI and analytics to plan tests, impact-based test selection, process automation and cognitive BOTs for various test scenarios such as regressions, sanity and more

Insights and dashboarding

Features include planning metrics, execution tracker, visualization, test dashboard aided by analytics, advanced insights

Lab service

HCLTech’s SmartLab adjoining service comprises of lab consolidation and management frameworks, offering a complete telco testing solution along with Turbo

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Embrace the future of telecom testing with reduced operational costs and enhanced agility.