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Whether it’s competitive disruption, changing customer expectations or pressures from global crises, there’s no doubt that the pace of change is accelerating worldwide, and organizations must adapt or get left behind. Digital transformation requires that you to move quickly from idea to outcome, addressing IT challenges while enabling digital and cultural transformation.

Enterprise Studio’s mission is to help organizations benefit from the right technologies with our approach to technology solutions, people and processes that come together – transforming them into resilient and adaptive enterprises. Our expertise spans technologies and methodologies such as business agility, DevOps, project and portfolio management, automation, and security. We have the technologists, coaches and consultants to recommend, deploy, secure and maintain comprehensive solutions within a BizOps framework that drives business outcomes.

Working together across your IT and business teams, we help you learn, adapt and execute, extend the value of your investments, and connect business and technology to achieve better outcomes.

Emerge from each challenge better prepared for the next.

Adaptability is a must. Are you prepared?

Change is constant. Your success is our purpose.

Your Partner for Building a Resilient Enterprise.



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We assist organizations with services for the digital journey, from accelerating software implementations to facilitating solution adoption. The BizOps framework unifies the relationships between people and data, using ai insights to guide decisions. Our approach to BizOps helps you connect technology outputs and business outcomes to unlock value, faster and with less disruption.

We support your IT and business leaders every step of the way, and our teams have worked with the world’s leading enterprises to achieve self-sustaining digital transformation.

Our team includes agile transformation coaches, DevOps consultants, and experts in automation and continuous delivery, API management, security, business management and ValueOps, AIOps and monitoring, and continuous testing.

In today’s digital era, organizations can’t depend on achieving transformation by focusing on individual IT silos or technical improvements alone.

We work across IT silos and close the gap between business and IT to deliver technical, cultural and process improvements needed for left-to-right, top-down and bottom-up digital transformation.

Our Digital and Advisory Consulting Services help connect business and IT – supporting executives, business managers, and technical teams every step along the way to create an enterprise that can sense and respond to changes with your customers, your competition, and the market at large.


When you have opportunities to innovate or require a change in one area, it will inevitably impact other IT domains and teams. To reduce risk and accelerate growth, organizations need to anticipate and navigate these dependencies.

That’s where we come in – we assist at the complex intersections where technologies overlap and with individual technology areas, and where technology inputs meet business outcomes in the BizOps framework.

Our experts have decades of experience working with organizations like yours to improve enterprise-wide outcomes by simplifying the complex and shortening time to value.

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About Enterprise Studio

Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies provides IT solutions and services to thousands of customers across many industries. We specialize in helping organizations address the challenges of optimizing their technology and transformations.

We use a blend of deep technical skills, advisory and consulting expertise to help you navigate the complexities that come with competing in an inter-connected world. By addressing IT challenges while enabling business and cultural transformation, your IT and business teams can achieve better, more predictable outcomes with long-lasting benefits.

Our global team across North America, Europe, Latin America, India, Australia, and Asia has a relentless focus on customer centricity. Our team’s expertise, built upon decades of experience across digital advisory consulting, IT business management (ITBM), cybersecurity, and AIOps, can help you move quickly from idea to value as you build, integrate and adopt resilient enterprise solutions.

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