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Your Business Challenges

The value that an organization derives from PPM information may increase, stagnate, or if not well managed, decrease over time. As organizations evolve and business needs change, the PPM data captured, reports and dashboards—as well as the reporting processes—can become misaligned to business requirements, product capabilities and user expectations.

In some cases, organizations are reluctant to discontinue once highly valued reports that now clutter their systems. In other cases, organizations haven’t yet adjusted to address emerging business needs using readily available PPM information.

Additionally, as an organization’s PPM maturity improves to support disciplines such as resource, financial and program management, their PPM information strategy should be reviewed and refined. Meanwhile, users expect greater employee self-service for direct and quick access to information.

These common situations present opportunities for vast improvements to address challenges such as:

  • Low or inconsistent usage of PPM information across the organization.
  • Underserved stakeholders who value better access to more valuable PPM information.
  • Poor performance processing reports.
  • Outdated report libraries that yield marginal value.
  • Unnecessarily high administration cost and effort to maintain reports and dashboards.


Reporting Services for Clarity PPM help organizations obtain greater value from the project, portfolio and resource data. With these services, you can pursue both near-term value from operational efficiencies and reporting improvements, and longer-term value from better use of PPM data across your organization.

Get assistance at any point in a solution life-cycle, such as immediately after a new implementation, before or after upgrading to a new product version or when business needs compel your organization to seek greater value from you PPM data. Working with your team, Enterprise Studio helps assess and clarify your needs, providing a clear project plan to accomplish your objectives and collaborating with stakeholders to deliver results quickly and efficiently.

Key Outcomes


Better, more consistent use of PPM information across your organization.


Closer alignment between PPM information and business requirements.


Lower costs and improved performance of PPM reporting.

Optional Services

These options are available separately or may be combined to address multiple needs in a single services engagement.

PPM information Strategy Assessment

Provides you with analysis and an assessment of your current reporting information. With this service, your team will participate in on-site workshops to help clarify priorities and evaluate the current state of your PPM reports, dashboards and overall PPM information strategy.

Your Enterprise Studio team will analyze the data gathered and present recommendations and a proposed project plan.

Recommendations may include identifying which reports to retire or update and what additional organization needs could be addressed by new reports or dashboards.

Report Conversion

Converts existing PPM reports from BusinessObjects or other reporting systems to the new, advanced reporting platform introduced in PPM 14.2.

To accomplish the conversion, Enterprise Studio uses a combination of field-based architects, PPM subject matter experts based in Solution Centers and a conversion utility.

Report and Portlet Development

Creates new reports and portlets to address specific business requirements not covered by out-of-the-box reports and dashboards.

Work is performed off-site by Solution Center resources with assistance from field-based services architects who assist in requirements gathering and design decisions.


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