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Digital Advisory and Consulting

Enabling the Creation of Adaptive Organizations

Genuine progress doesn't come easily. In the era of BizOps, it will come from delivering measurable value faster. How? By building a stronger partnership between Business and IT and seamlessly orchestrating work done across IT silos.

From business executives to IT staff, Agile to DevOps, automation to security, our Digital Advisory and Consulting Services teams work as objective technologists and trusted advisors to help you explore options, avoid common pitfalls, and transform more quickly.

Our teams help you align business priorities with IT, people, and processes by deeply engaging with your organization. To overcome your organization's challenges and realize lasting gains, tap Enterprise Studio’s breadth of experience and expertise, which spans business and IT domains.


Meeting the Needs of Today

Even when your destination is clearly defined, it's easy to get stuck along the way. That’s why we don't begin our engagements with a one-size-fits-all prescription—we get you to value sooner by meeting you where you are and helping you continue to move toward a successful future.

Agile Coaching and Consulting

Successful transformations are led by seasoned coaches and consultants who can bring real-world experience to clients just like you. These coaches can help bring less experienced coaches up to speed, but without senior-level guidance, any transformation is doomed to fail.

Our team has a success rate of over 90%, three times the success rate of leading organizations. We have the talent and experience to help your transformation become a success story. We help ensure that your organization doesn’t fall into the common trap of beginning with grand visions and financial investments with well-known consultancy brands, only to fail.

Distributed / Remote Agile

The Enterprise Studio Digital Advisory and Consulting team is here to help you and your team continue to use agile to align with value. Even while everyone is remote (and may be for some time), your organization can remain strong and agile, especially with guidance from coaches to help you avoid common mistakes and keep you on track.

Perhaps it's time for agile principles themselves to go through some changes. As true agilists, we will move forward by inspecting and adapting along the way, keeping what works and pivoting when we need to.


Optimizing individual IT silos can make things worse—for both IT and business teams.

We look at your end-to-end application delivery lifecycle and engage IT and business stakeholders to improve alignment and help you build better apps—faster.

Combining a value stream approach, systems thinking and technical depth across IT silos, our knowledge and field experience will help you prepare for the new era of digital BizOps.

Project and Portfolio Management

Meeting the challenges inherent in the complexity and pace of modern business often depends on making the right connections across all levels of an organization through strong project and portfolio management.

We keep people at the center of PPM, incorporating the human factor with the software solutions and enterprise systems you depend on. Our approach to PPM can help you develop insights for linking actions to results, so you are more likely to replicate successes and avoid pitfalls.

Enterprise Studio consultants have the deep experience and skill to be more than just guides—we’re experts and your allies, and we’re committed to strengthening your organization so you can achieve better results.

Enterprise Security Consulting

Symantec Consulting Services at Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies is the leading provider and preferred services partner for Broadcom Symantec Enterprise Security solutions.

Our consultants are among the most experienced Symantec security experts in the world, providing training, proactive planning and risk management, and deployment, configuration and assessment solutions.

We guide you toward solutions that match the outcomes you are striving to achieve. What’s more, when an engagement concludes, we leave your teams with the knowledge to maintain and mature your security environment on their own.

AI Ops Consulting

Efficient information exchange between IT and business is critical to digital BizOps. To succeed, organizations need to draw timely information from IT systems and share it in an actionable context with business and IT stakeholders. Not only that: Business information needs to be fed back into IT to re-inform source systems to fuel predictive analytics that support AI, IoT, machine learning and business decisions.

Enterprise Studio consultants can help your teams transition to greater business value using data from your full IT portfolio of applications, databases, networks, APIs and cloud platforms.

Defining the Needs of the Future

The future may come faster for some companies than others, but one thing is certain: The future is coming, whether or not you are prepared. How does your organization adapt? Are your digital transformations bringing value and meeting your expectations?

We are leading the way with more than just academic research. Our consultants help clients navigate today's challenges with an eagle eye on the future, helping you leverage two critical components of an Adaptive Organizations—BizOps and enterprise-level security.

Enabling Adaptive Organizations

Adaptive Organizations both sense and respond to challenges and opportunities—they have achieved the full promise of business agility. With nearly $900B wasted in failed transformation efforts, organizations today are still struggling to realize the full value of business agility. Our team helps companies all over the globe move toward a more adaptive approach. Starting with a proprietary mathematical model, the approach provides data-driven insights that keep transformations on track.

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Transforming Digital Transformations with BizOps

BizOps can help organizations unlock value and succeed with digital transformation initiatives by bringing critical capabilities into a framework for connecting technology capabilities and business outcomes. By unifying relationships between people and data and using AI-driven insights to guide decisions, organizations create a new level of transparency, traction and trust in an environment of continuous learning, inspecting and adapting.

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Automation Consulting

Well-crafted automation can be a catalyst of progress for IT and business transformation.
Enterprise Studio can help you build scalable, adaptable and easy-to-use intelligent business automation and services that are flexible and reliable while leveraging your existing IT investments and skills.

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About Us

Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies helps organizations make the connections between IT and business that optimize time and multiply value for realizing the full potential of their digital business plans. Our seasoned technologists, coaches, and educators can help you unlock value from existing IT investments to become a stronger, more adaptive organization – in part by leveraging a BizOps approach so that IT outputs are strongly linked to business outcomes.

Whether you’re an established Global 500 company or a new disruptive force in your industry, we can help you navigate complexities that come with competing in an inter-connected digital era. We are a global solution provider and Tier 1 global value-added reseller of Broadcom CA Technologies and Symantec enterprise software.

Many of our experts at Enterprise Studio are from the former professional services units of CA Technologies and Symantec. For decades, our teams have supported and led organizations to innovation with powerful enterprise software solutions and cutting-edge methodologies – from business and agile management to security, DevOps, AIOps, and automation.



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