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What does it mean to be an agile organization that can sense and respond - and where do you start?

By now we’re all familiar with the promise of true business agility – “The Ability to Sense and Respond to Change” – but the path to this sustainable model is not often easy. Business agility is a practice, not a fixed state, and because of that, there are always opportunities to succeed, to fail – and for most of us, to fall somewhere in between.

What makes us different, is our coaches and consultants look beyond what has become commoditized team-level coaching and strive to understand how value flows through an organization and how to drive adoption for a true transformation.

Meeting you where you are on your agile journey

Full Business Agility


You're ready to truly become an organization that's ready to sense and respond to the market. Let's talk about what that means to YOUR organization - not some cookie-cutter solution.

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Agile at Scale


You've been successful with localized teams and you're ready to scale. Let's talk about getting you the help you need to avoid the common issues with scaling agile.

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Agile Teams


You're about to begin, or are just experimenting with small teams. Let's talk about how we can quickly get you to sustainable agility.

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12 Failure Points of an Agile Transformation

No two agile transformations are the same, but avoiding these common pitfalls will make sure you stay on track.

The Expertise and the Guidance You Need

Digital Transformation

From the C-Suite to local teams, our world-renowned agile transformation consultants have worked with global powerhouses to create the roadmaps to help them achieve business agility.

Agile Coaching

It's hard to practice without a coach - and agile practices are difficult to establish on your own. Our global team of agile coaches will keep your teams on track and moving forward.

Rally Software Platform Consulting

Ready to have your teams quickly get the most value out of Rally? Let our analytics-obsessed platform consultants get you started.

Rally Software Tech Services

No tool is deployed in a fresh environment. You need a team of technical experts that understands how Rally is best deployed in YOUR environment.

Agile Education and Certification

Agile Education and Certification

Private, Instructor-led at Your Location

For organizations with groups of 8 or more. Your teams will receive personalized instruction from world-renown coaches and consultants. Training includes certification courses from Scaled Agile Inc and Scrum Alliance. Our thought leaders have also created actionable and impactful content for all levels of an organization - from the C-suite to the individual teams - to help advance your ongoing agile practice.

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Agile University

Since 2012, AgileU has provided agile education to individuals and small teams around the world. We offer the same content and instructors you have in a private engagement, but our courses are held at HCLTech locations with a mix of people from different companies. Our small class sizes mean you have time to collaborate with others and ask questions specific to your challenges - this is NOT a cookie-cutter agile education experience.

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Ready to talk about how we can help your organization?

Our team is ready to start the conversation with you about your organisation - and how we can create a successful future together.

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About Enterprise Studio

Enterprise Studio by HCLTech provides IT solutions and services to thousands of customers across many industries. We specialize in helping organizations address the challenges of optimizing their technology and transformations.

We use a blend of deep technical skills, advisory and consulting expertise to help you navigate the complexities that come with competing in an inter-connected world. By addressing IT challenges while enabling business and cultural transformation, your IT and business teams can achieve better, more predictable outcomes with long-lasting benefits.

Our global team across North America, Europe, Latin America, India, Australia, and Asia has a relentless focus on customer centricity. Our team’s expertise, built upon decades of experience across digital advisory consulting, IT business management (ITBM), cybersecurity, and AIOps, can help you move quickly from idea to value as you build, integrate and adopt resilient enterprise solutions.