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Rally is a powerful enterprise SaaS platform that can empower teams for increased business agility - but it's not designed to do all the heavy lifting right out of the box. It's important to go beyond assigning administrative access and building your initial dashboards - understanding the WHYs are just as important.

Our Rally Platform Consultants have a deep understanding of the platform, and they're seasoned agilists as well. They bring their real-world experiences to your organization - and ensure you get started with Rally on the strongest foundation of technical and agile knowledge.

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4 Key Outcomes Of Rally Platform Consulting

Key Outcomes of Rally Platform Consulting

Maximizing the impact of Rally and strengthening sustainable agility. Rally Platform consulting is a partnership between your organization and our team of trusted advisors, committed to delivering on the promise of business agility using the Rally platform

Accelerated Adoption

In-depth, personalized onboarding, tailored for you based on best practices.

Continuous Improvement

Quickly identifying and coaching through healthy vs unhealthy behaviour.

Sustainable Agility

Strong foundations lead to sustainable agility. Our thought leaders reinforce best practices throughout our time together.

Faster ROI

platform consulting that's specific to your needs gets you faster ROI - it's that simple.

From the initial implementation, to the expansion and evolution of Rally - all the way through to scaling agile - our Rally Platform Consultants will ensure that you stay on track and continue to optimize Rally for your organization.

Achieve better business outcomes faster with Rally Software Platform Consulting

  • Access exclusive research, tools, tips, offers
  • Improve adoption by empowering users at all levels through coaching and enablement
  • Prioritize and implement new capabilities
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Foundation Services

  • Onboarding and Skills Development We deliver webinars and office hour sessions on a regular cadence that cover topics ranging from basic new user orientation to advanced enablement on topics such as custom app development and data analysis.
  • Monitoring, Assessment and Remediation We regularly review your Rally data looking for patterns that indicate healthy and/or unhealthy behaviors in your platform usage or process implementations. We then provide targeted coaching and consultation to amplify positive behavior patterns, and correct negative behavior patterns.
  • Platform Strategy Consultation During initial implementation of the Rally Software platform, and as the organization evolves, we consult with and advise your team on how to best leverage the Rally platform. We provide configuration, integration and extensions guidance to ensure that the platform continues to meet your needs as your agile maturity grows.
  • Facilitating, Expediting, Advocating and Escalating with Broadcom We work with Broadcom product management to share tailored product roadmaps, increasing alignment for your objectives. We expedite requests for critical resources in technical services, transformation services and support. We provide monthly webinars to highlight new capabilities in the Rally Software platform. We work closely with your teams to understand your organization’s objectives, and advocate for the platform capabilities that your teams need to be successful. We help you gain access to and build relationships with key personnel and resources within the Agile Management Business Unit.
  • Single Point of Contact Your platform consultant serves as your single point of contact for managing support escalations, enabling faster resolution and greater productivity for your teams.

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