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For agility to improve business results, leaders must embrace and support real transformation throughout the organization and within themselves. Leadership needs to adopt a new mindset toward greater business agility—a new business operating system to sense and respond to change in high-uncertainty environments; to accelerate learning that increases economic outcomes; and to motivate and align a collaborative workforce focused on value delivery.

Agile for Executives: Agile Leadershipis designed to help you respond to market and internal changes quickly and confidently by accelerating innovation and eliminating the cost of business delay through a powerful workshop.

Your Business Challenges

Time-to-market pressure Market forces are accelerating product lifecycles. It used to take years for disruptive innovations to destabilize incumbent industries; now it seems to happen overnight. You need to retool to respond to challenges.

The consumerization of IT Your employees and customers have elevated the performance expectations for software—both inside and outside the business—demanding product quality, reliability, usability and overall satisfaction. Your IT organization now drives customer interactions and your brand.

Market instability, disruption, shifting business models Business models are changing faster than ever due to globalization, consolidation, market instability and the competitive forces of more nimble companies undercutting you on cost and functionality. Agility in every part of your organization will prepare you to keep pace and adjust faster.

Due to these pressures, an agile and DevOps transformation is not a simple process improvement initiative but an integral part of your digital transformation, which must be a key business initiative. Therefore, it requires your stewardship, with you prepared to lead the way.

Key Outcomes


Enable the lean-agile mindset to rapidly deliver innovative solutions that matter most to your customers.


Prepare to lead the organizational change that will motivate and align a collaborative workforce focused on delivering continuous value.


Create actionable next steps that align with current business priorities and delivery capacity.

Benefits to Your Organization

Frame your business challenges Agile transformation only matters if it’s designed to drive real outcomes that matter to the business.

Identify impediments and opportunities for your business We base these on your business’s experience with agile and DevOps thus far.

Unlock the secrets of an agile and lean mindset Grounded in our unmatched experience with enterprise transformation, we explore how your leadership team might unlock a bigger impact from agile efforts by thinking, speaking and acting from a focus on flow of value, transparency, rapid learning and respect for people.

Define measurable outcomes Determine or update the leading indicators of success.

Build a plan Identify next steps based on your organization’s transformation journey.

Workshop Details

This is a premium consulting service that includes delivering an in-person, facilitated workshop with executive-level leaders to encourage collaboration and rich discussion, share our experiences in helping other organizations achieve business agility and align the leadership team’s perception of the transformation efforts so far and how to lead future efforts.

This service is delivered in three distinct segments.

Off-site Preparation and Data Gathering

Enterprise Studio will work off-site with you to arrange logistics and identity the participants for the executive workshop.

One-on-one interviews will be conducted between the Enterprise Studio business agility consultants and participants.

On-site Workshops

Our business agility consultants will work on-site with you and your team.

At the end of workshop, there will be an open discussion on the action items captured that may require immediate next steps.

Off-site Follow-up

The Enterprise Studio business agility consultants will work off-site to summarize the workshop findings and identify next steps so you can begin to see the full transformation roadmap.

Acceleration Services

The following offerings are recommended for executives who are committed to their Digital Transformation.

Introduction to Agile

This foundational training offers senior leaders a concise overview focused on the business value and results of agile.

Discover > Orient > Design

We work with you to uncover the biggest impediments and enablers to organizational agility, and to build a transformation roadmap designed to accelerate your business toward the impact you seek.

Ready > Sync > Go

Our launch approach helps your IT and product delivery teams become a predictable delivery engine for the business by developing on cadence and delivering on demand.


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