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Every company is a technology company, regardless of what industry you’re in. Technology not only supports your business but connects you to your customers. Today’s business environment dictates that you develop technology better and faster than ever. You need agility to succeed.

But where do you start and where do you go next to ensure your investment in agile transformation improves the business and goes as quickly and smoothly as possible? Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies has unmatched experience in enterprise agile transformations. Our consultants help you uncover the biggest impediments and enablers to business agility and create a transformation roadmap that accelerates your business to thrive in the application economy.

Your Business Challenges

Time-to-market pressure Market forces are accelerating and shortening product lifecycles. It used to take years or decades for disruptive innovations to destabilize incumbent industries. Periodic retooling and continuous learning are critical to respond to competitive challenges.

The consumerization of IT Your employees and customers have elevated the performance expectations for software — both inside and outside the business — regarding product quality, reliability, usability and overall satisfaction.

Market instability, disruption, shifting business models Business models are changing faster than ever due to globalization, consolidation from mergers and acquisitions, financial market instability and the ever-present competitive forces of smaller and more nimble companies undercutting larger companies on cost and functionality. You need agility in every part of your organization to keep pace and adjust faster.

Key Outcomes


Align goals and outcomes. Share vision, mission and strategy to engage the entire organization.


Define the OKRs and know how you'll measure results and make course corrections. Define the transformation plan and create a shared plan for success.


Being the cultural change and shift toward a lean-agile mindset centered in learning.

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Gain a shared understanding of your agile execution strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

  • Provide a baseline roadmap toward your change management and continuous improvement efforts.

  • Establish solid key performance indicators.

  • Design an organization that’s optimized for value delivery.

  • Instill a virtuous cycle of learning and growth.

  • Define an iterative and incremental plan to achieve execution agility—the ability to develop on cadence and deliver on demand.

Foundation Services

Discover > Orient > Design is an agile consulting service that helps organizations uncover and remove the biggest impediments while supercharging the enablers to business agility. The service helps you create a transformation roadmap that will accelerate business toward the impact you seek.

Drive an understanding of your current state

Through advisory sessions, observation and one-to-one interviews, we capture your progress with agile practices, business agility and business impact, including bright spots and bottlenecks.

Determine the gap between current state and desired future state

By examining root causes and current challenges, we’ll explore common agile patterns/solutions to accelerate the transformation toward the desired state.

Establish the primary focus and OKRs of your transformation

Using the outcomes and business impact needed from your agile and DevOps transformation, we’ll determine the critical OKRs to measure progress and success.

Design value streams of aligned agile delivery groups

Create the value–added activities that maximize customer value and align to your long-term, strategic business objectives.

Instill an agile mindset

By demonstrating the agile mindset, we engage leaders at all levels to transform behaviors, attitudes and actions.

Develop the initial transformation

Your transformation roadmap will focus on the activities that drive continuous improvement and align to agreed-upon OKRs.

Acceleration Services

The following offerings are recommended for executives who are committed to their Digital Transformation.

Introduction to Agile

For agile principles to impact your bottom line, leadership must embrace and support real transformation organization-wide. This event seeds a conversation about what agile transformation could mean for your organization and how your leadership team could support it.

Agile for Executives: Agile Leadership

This workshop helps executive teams commit to lead the organization toward business agility by modeling an agile mindset and taking next steps to unlock impact. For agility to improve business results, leaders must embrace and support real transformation throughout the organization and within themselves.

Ready > Sync > Go

Our launch approach helps your IT and product delivery teams become a predictable delivery engine for the business by developing on cadence and delivering on demand. Includes in-depth onboarding of Rally Software with your team.


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