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In today’s competitive world, agile methodologies promise faster delivery, higher quality, increased productivity and better alignment with your company strategy. But while many companies introduce agile approaches at the team level, they often fail when scaling agile to the program and portfolio level.

Ready > Sync > Go provides a complete solution for building and launching successful, enterprise-scale agile programs. Integrating the industry-leading expertise of Enterprise Studio agile transformation consulting with Rally Software’s enterprise-class planning and tracking, Ready > Sync > Go can help you build and launch a high-performing agile program in as little as three months.

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Your Business Challenges

Deliver on Strategy

In a global marketplace that prizes innovation and customer satisfaction, the pressure to deliver value faster has never been greater. You need fast, predictable delivery and strategic alignment with your business priorities.

Given the costs of planning, developing, testing and releasing software in a large, multi-team development organization, the impact of missing a market opportunity is simply too great to get it wrong. Coaching alone won’t give you effective infrastructure, and a tool alone won’t help you successfully scale.

Set Up for Success

Ready > Sync > Go provides the software and services you need to successfully scale agile — so you can deliver the right products to market with speed and predictability.

Leveraging this whole solution and a partner with deep program expertise, you can transform your development organization to deliver responsive and sustainable value.

  • Form an agile delivery group that aligns with a strategic initiative or business value stream
  • Empower your teams with purpose-built software that connects strategic priorities to development
  • Create a feature backlog aligned with business vision and objectives
  • Collaborate to develop a realistic roadmap and release plan that maximizes value delivery to customers
  • Steer to predictable delivery of working software

Key Outcomes


Connect your IT/development work to your business’ highest priorities so you deliver the right things.


Become a predictable delivery engine for the business by developing on cadence and delivering on demand.


Insure your investment in agile at scale with a proven successful approach.

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Coordinate your delivery group and plan your cadence.
  • Resolve inconsistencies in agile practices across teams.
  • Develop a vision, roadmap and program backlog.
  • Conduct a facilitated big room planning session with the full delivery group.
  • Get coaching support for roles, ceremonies and dependency resolution.
  • Plan, track and measure your work in Rally with real-time visibility, reporting and rollups.
  • Inspect and adapt your agile practices to improve and sustain them.

A Proven, Phased Approach

Through our proven Ready > Sync > Go approach, we’ll help you plan and deliver high-value features in as little as three months. In each stage, our coaches assist and support you in building a value-delivery engine — seamlessly blending tooling with proven practices to ensure effectiveness.

Ready >

Organize leadership to implement an agile delivery group

Map individuals to team and delivery group roles

Clearly articulate the objectives and scope

Configure Rally to align with the delivery group structure

Sync >

Give teams valuable experience operating in a synchronized cadence of iterations

Address inconsistencies in agile practices across teams

Provide role-based training to enable new processes

Help product management develop the vision, roadmap and feature backlog


Conduct a facilitated big room release planning event with the full delivery group and senior leadership

Support the first release, including sessions for steering and retrospection

Leverage Rally for real-time visibility into status and identify trouble areas before they impact delivery

Learn by Doing

See the power of synchronized, multi-team performance and the value of team predictability. Enable your business to responsibly respond to changing market and customer needs.

We believe the best way to master a new discipline like agile at scale is to learn by doing. Leveraging our expert coaching, proven approach and powerful platform, you can start building the muscle memory you need to win in your markets.


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