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Agile development is based on a set of principles and practices that work together to reduce risk while providing incremental value. As you consider adopting agile methods, or seek to expand agile benefits, you’ll need to build a common foundation of understanding how agile practices work.

Introduction to Agile from Enterprise Studio is a workshop designed to help everyone—from engineering to DevOps to product management to account and finance—speak the same language and understand their role in your agile transformation.

Your Business Challenges

As organizations vie to be key players in the application economy, many are shifting from waterfall to agile practices, which brings with it benefits including faster time to market, increased productivity, fewer defects, cost savings and better employee engagement.

Agile goes beyond just software development to permeate entire companies, helping them more quickly respond to change, deliver value faster than competitors and create the products and services customers want.

But you don’t just flip a switch and become agile; it’s a transformation journey that starts with grasping the basic tenets and key practices.

Key Outcomes


Get to market faster with high-quality products and services that customers value.


Collaborate better via cross-functional teams to eliminate waste and reduce risk and get frequent feedback for continuous improvement.


Position yourself for competitive advantage - now and in the future.

Benefits to Your Organization

Providing many different audiences with an introduction to agile basics helps:

  • Engineering staff already using disparate agile practices get a level set on terminology and core principles.
  • Engineering staff and leaders who will use agile methods in the future be prepared with a view of what’s to come.
  • Upstream and downstream stakeholders of agile teams and programs understand how those teams are working and how to engage with them.
  • All employees gain visibility into your agile adoption and ensure they understand their roles.

Recommended Add-on Agile Coaching

Consider adding one or more customizable coaching days to this workshop, where activities might include:

learning subscription

Mapping agile textbook terminology and practices to how your company uses agile.

private instructor

Working with team leads to identity potential areas of practice improvement.

private instructor

Helping internal coaches develop basic agile training.

Acceleration Services

The following offerings are recommended for executives who are committed to their Digital Transformation.

Agile for Executives: Agile Leadership

Designed to help you respond to market and internal changes quickly and confidently by accelerating innovation and eliminating the cost of business delay through a powerful in-person workshop.

Discover > Orient > Design

We work with you to uncover the biggest impediments and enablers to organizational agility, and to build a transformation roadmap designed to accelerate your business toward the impact you seek.

Ready > Sync > Go

Our launch approach helps your IT and product delivery teams become a predictable delivery engine for the business by developing on cadence and delivering on demand.


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