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Challenges for Distributed Agile Teams

No one will dispute that 2020 is unprecedented. However, we still need to move forward and stay on track – delivering value, assuring our teams, and bringing stability to the world around us. In the past, it was common practice to make sure agile teams were co-located, however, current events have created a challenge to bringing people together.

The Digital Advisory and Consulting team at Enterprise Studio is here to help you and your team continue to use agile to align with value while everyone is remote (and may be for some time). It's not impossible to remain a strong agile organization while everyone is distributed, and having guidance from coaches will help you avoid common mistakes and keep you on track.

Perhaps it's time for agile principles themselves to go through some changes - and as true agilists we will move forward, inspect and adapt along the way, keeping what works and pivoting when we need to.

Distributed Agile Solutions

Remote Quarterly / PI Planning

Our agile coaches and consultants are here to help you and your team continue to have productive and impactful planning sessions – held remotely for all members. Our Remote Quarterly / PI Planning works with you from planning through execution, ensuring a smoother transition to remote planning.

Remote Agile Coaching / Consulting

Now more than ever it's helpful to have seasoned coaches to help and make sure your team isn't falling back to old, possible destructive habits now that everyone is distributed. Our team has experience with distributed teams and we can help ensure your recent gains are not lost and you're able to continue to deliver value for your customers.

Remote Rally Product Training

Our team of coaches not only bring deep Rally experience, but they're also seasoned agile coaches and consultants. This experience allows them to train your team on Rally AND ensure everyone is applying agile principles to their work outside the tool.



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