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APIM Upgrade and Migration Services

API Management

Important update: Broadcom has announced the end for life for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) form factors of Layer7® API Gateway appliances. The transition to CentOS-based appliances of Layer7 API Gateway requires a migration, rather than a standard in-place upgrade. Enterprise Studio has a deep understanding of the Layer7 Gateway and all of its form factors and is available to assist you in assessing your current system, defining your transition strategy and, testing and executing the move.

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Learn about upgrade and migration options that we’ll tailor to your specific requirements.

Enterprise Studio can support you in upgrades beyond 10 devices or with complexities such as Oauth Tool Kit, Mobile API Gateway or Developer Portal upgrades.

Key Outcomes


Reduce Risk

Leverage best practices to reduce organizational disruption and uncertainty.


Shorten Transition Time

Select the optimum path tailored to your organization’s needs.


Adopt New Enhancements

On-board the latest product capabilities.

Upgrade Services for API Management

Enterprise Studio uses Broadcom’s in-product upgrade capabilities as a baseline and tailors recommendations and the approach based on customer-specific technical and business considerations.

Two primary upgrade options include:

Layer7 API Management Upgrade Advisory Services: Our technical consultants work collaboratively with your team to assess your situation, evaluate different upgrade scenarios and develop an upgrade plan. They can remain on-site for additional guidance while your team conducts the upgrade.

Option: Non-complex environment

  • One-week engagement: Assessment plus (1) upgrade of Layer7 API Gateway in a non-production environment
  • 40 hours of post go-live support

Option: Complex environment

  • Two-week engagement: Assessment plus (2) upgrades of Layer7 API Gateway in a non-production environment
  • 40 hours of post go-live support

Layer7 API Management Assessment and Upgrade Services: Our API Services team will lead the engagement from assessment and planning through the actual upgrade. Options include a two-week engagement to upgrade 5 devices and a three-week engagement to upgrade 10 devices.

Migration Services for Red Hat Appliances

Due to the change in operating system for Layer7 API Management v.10.x, the transition requires a technical migration rather than a traditional upgrade.

  • Detailed technical assessment on gateways to be migrated
  • Documented migration plan

Technical migration options:

  • Two-week engagement: Enterprise Studio migrates 1-5 Layer7 Red Hat gateways to a non-production environment
  • Three-week engagement: Enterprise Studio migrates up to 10 Layer7 Red Hat gateways to the non-production environment. This option is for organizations with multiple locations, more complex environments or which have special requirements such as zero downtime transitions.
  • NOTE: Enterprise Studios has pre-defined plans to support upgrades for up to 10 Layer 7 Gateways. Please contact Enterprise Studio for upgrade opportunities beyond 10 devices or with complexities such as OAuth Tool Kit, Mobile API Gateway or Developer Portal upgrade.

Engagements are supported by a solution consultant and project manager.

  • Conduct assessment
  • Document findings and recommendations
  • Compare options
  • Implement one or multiple proofs-of-concept
  • Upgrade (or Migrate)
  • Deploy to non-production
  • Adopt and support

Other API Management Services

We provide a full range of services from initial implementations through optimization and strategic consulting on APIM.

Assessment and Consulting Services

Assessment and consulting services for APIM can assist with a wide range of situations.

A few examples for API Management include:

  • Best practices coaching
  • Health checks and performance assessments
  • Product usage assessments
  • Solution road mapping and lifecycle planning
Implementation Services

Install and configure appliances using best practices to expose and secure APIs to improve agility, efficiency and effectiveness.

Optimization Services

Apply recommendations and incremental changes from assessments to improve solution configurations, integrations and API Management practices that deliver substantial performance gains.


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