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The volume of data, process complexity and speed at which organizations need IT to support the business puts automation at the forefront of nearly all initiatives. In fact, automation is essential for digital transformation, DevOps, front- and back-office applications, digital BizOps and the overall customer experience.

For organizations of all sizes and levels of sophistication in every industry, the promise of automation is enormous. Some of the many benefits include operational efficiencies, cost savings, fewer errors, faster delivery of capabilities and increased value to internal and external customers.

Good news: Enterprise Studio’s automation experts can help. Our technical services, consulting services and education can help you support best practices and generate more value from Broadcom and other automation solutions. Learn more.

Critical upgrade alerts!

These versions are at or near end of service. Know your options and take action now.

AutoSys Workload Automation versions 11.3.5 to 11.3.6 SP7 end June 30, 2022

ESP dSeries Workload Automation version 12.1 ends October 31, 2022. In addition, the System Agent component for dSeries has received an r12 update, with an End of Service date of October 31st, 2022 for all versions prior to 11.5.

Trust the experts with decades of experience and leadership in automation
Improved Agility

Improved Agility

Better Performance

Better Performance

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Consulting Services

Trusted Advisor and Roadmapping Services

Successful automation initiatives keep pace with—or even better, set the pace of—change in IT and your business. An objective third-party perspective and guidance from automation experts make it easier to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Our consulting services help you identify ways to incorporate automation into key initiatives, improve your automation infrastructure, tune your processes and make your best practices better. That all adds up to getting more value from automation.

Health Checks

Enterprise Studio professionals review the technical structure of your deployed automation solutions, the functionality they provide, and their performance and stability.

We also review operational strategy and procedures in the context of your business goals and desired future state.

You’ll come away from a health check with detailed recommendations and an action list for improvement.

Technical Services

Implementation Services

Enterprise Studio solution architects and consultants collaborate with your team to deliver precise, tailored implementations quickly.

Beginning with interactive workshops, our automation experts help clarify your organization’s business drivers, functional requirements, governance initiatives, use cases, reliability and security concerns, and operating constraints.

With our findings in-hand, we install and configure Broadcom or other automation solutions, streamline your automation infrastructure and accelerate solution adoption with training.

Here are some of the many automation solutions we can help you with:

  • Automic® platform
  • Dollar Universe Workload Automation
  • Autosys Workload Automation
  • AppWorx Workload Automation
  • ESP dSeries Workload Automation
  • Solutions for Oracle, SAP, Hadoop and other significant IT platforms
Upgrade Services

When you’re ready to transition to the latest release of Broadcom automation solutions, our team will perform an upgrade assessment and deliver the technical upgrade.

We’ll help you identify benefits, dependencies and risks so that we can tailor your upgrade strategy for an efficient transition.

We also identify barriers to high performance and effective processes for your solution—and we help you overcome those barriers.

Conversion Services

Conversion services assist organizations working to streamline their automation platform with Broadcom automation solutions.

By converting the jobs and tasks you manage to the Broadcom platform, you can improve operational efficiencies while reducing the complexity of your automation architecture. Your staff will thank you.

Enterprise Studio uses proven conversion utilities designed for specific third-party technologies to automatically migrate a large portion of your jobs and tasks. Working side-by-side with your team, our automation experts convert jobs and tasks that the utilities do not migrate.

Packaged Solutions

Pre-configured packaged solutions address industry-specific use cases such as banking, higher education, and utility distribution:

They also meet the various needs of technologies such as SAP, Oracle, and Web Services and functional use cases such as disaster recovery automation and mail integration.


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