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HCLTech is at Automation Anywhere IMAGINE 2024
Our Theme

We are back at the greatest exhibit of technology and innovation in automation and AI

HCLTech at IMAGINE 2024

As businesses globally embrace , AI-powered automation emerges as a catalyst for enabling this transformation to drive efficiency, agility and innovation across industries. With a decade-old partnership between HCLTech and – we are supercharged for a collaboration that brings disruptive AI-powered solutions to challenges the contemporary enterprise faces.

With a proven track record of delivering collaborative results across various sectors, we have enabled organizations to realize incremental growth and operational efficiency that has broken barriers.

Join us at IMAGINE 2024 to explore the transformative success stories we have crafted with powerful, intelligent automation solutions and our vision to accelerate innovation in AI.

Key Focus Areas

AI in Automation

Integrating AI with automation to enable enterprises to deliver human cognitive functions such as learning, reasoning and decision-making.

Cognitive Analytics

Intelligent algorithms and research-backed analytics frameworks that improve topline performance and end-user experience.

Low-code, No-code services

Digital transformation solutions that are ready to deploy and streamline processes at a minimal cost.

Business Process Management

Suite of solutions that deliver simplification, standardization and reimagination of processes for digital transformation.

Theater Session

8:10 AM – 8:25 AM CDT June 11Theater B, 5th floor, Hotel Fairmont

Our theater session at Imagine 2024

In today’s rapidly evolving ecosystem, the transformative power of AI-driven automation is reshaping the value creation landscape. This has unlocked a future where innovation and efficiency converge, achieving unprecedented levels of intelligence and productivity.

Join us in our theater session to:

  • Understand the journey of becoming an AI-backed, future-ready automated enterprise
  • Explore the transformative potential of GenAI-powered intelligent automation solutions that have delivered tangible outcomes
  • Get a view of real-world examples where we have put AI-powered automation to work for multiple enterprises to drive agility, efficiency and productivity
Pankaj Ahuja
Pankaj Ahuja

Global head
Intelligent Automation Practice, HCLTech

Key Resources

HCLTech Team

Pankaj Parikh
Pankaj Parikh

SVP, Digital Process Operations

Pankaj Ahuja
Pankaj Ahuja

Global Head – Intelligent Automation Practice

Gretchen Wittig
Gretchen Wittig

Solution Lead, Digital