Key Facts and Data | HCLTech

Key Facts and Data

HCL stock returned 56.4% on a last-5-year basis/per NSE, until March 31, 2019.

Fast Facts

Company NameHCL Technologies Ltd.
Corporate Identity NumberL74140DL1991PLC046369
Company TypeGlobal IT Company
SegmentsIT and Business Services, Engineering and R&D Services, Products & Platforms
Date of EstablishmentNovember 12, 1991
Chairman Emeritus and Strategic Advisor to the BoardShiv Nadar
ChairpersonRoshni Nadar Malhotra
Chief Executive Officer and Managing DirectorC Vijayakumar
Chief Financial OfficerPrateek Aggarwal
Employee Strength227,481 on March 31, 2024
Countries of Operation60 Countries
GeographiesAmericas, Europe and ROW
Consolidated Revenues$13.3 billion, for 12 Months Ended March 31, 2024

Key Financial Data

All numbers are as per US GAAP, in mn US$, unless otherwise stated

Other Key Metrics
Gross Profit1,6082,3642,7093,1543,748
Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA)1,0091,5391,7771,9952,345
Operating Income (EBIT)9421,4141,5521,6881,946
Net Income8401,2621,3601,4411,554
Diluted EPS (in INR)26.329.931.336.840.8
Gross Margin34.2%33.9%34.6%36.5%37.7%
EBITDA Margin21.5%22.1%22.7%23.1%23.6%
EBIT Margin20.1%20.3%19.8%19.6%19.6%
Effective Tax Rate21.0%18.8%20.9%19.7%20.9%
Net Income Margin17.9%18.1%17.4%16.7%15.6%
Return on Equity (ROE)28.2%27.2%25.5%24.9%23.6%

Please Note:

  • EPS for FY15 to FY19 have been adjusted for Bonus Issue announced on October 23, 2019.
  • FY16 financials (as above) are based on 9 months ended March 31, 2016, however, Diluted EPS and ROE for FY16 have been annualized.
  • ROE formula: Profit After Tax/Last-Five-Quarter Average of Total Equity