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What are the components of a digital workplace platform?

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A digital workplace platform is a comprehensive set of workplace technology tools and solutions that holistically helps the workforce in all aspects of their daily tasks.
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Publish Date
5 minutes 30 second read
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A digital workplace platform is a comprehensive set of workplace technology tools and solutions that holistically helps the workforce in all aspects of their daily tasks. To succeed, enterprises must look for digital workplace platforms and not individual tools and applications.

Enterprises must consider the following aspects while evaluating a digital workplace platform.

  • Unified experience:

HCLTech WorkBlazeTM: WorkBlazeTM is HCLTech’s digital end-user experience monitoring tool equipped with AIOps and real-time workplace analytics. It spots trends, correlates and remediates issues before they become widespread, and gathers contextual user feedback to enhance employee experience and productivity. It provides a unique User Experience Index (UEI) across devices, applications, and networks to bring proactivity in the ecosystem and reduce the IT-user gap.

Communication and collaboration: HCLTech’s suite of Messaging and Collaboration Services includes:

  • Profile KaleidoscopeTM, a messaging and collaboration solution which is tailored to user profiles
  • Design and migration services, which enable upgrades to the latest platforms covering the entire infrastructure lifecycle from assessment, design, and migration to post-migration support
  • Cloud evaluation for workloads to propose the right hybrid solution which fits the commercial and technical requirements
  • Email communication management, which is an Office 365 offering, comprising an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-based MaaS (Messaging as a Service) solution

It should be noted that the latter solution provides customers with the complete Microsoft Exchange email environment. It is hosted locally in HCLTech’s data centers, which are SAS 70-complaint and have controls and safeguards in place to host and process data related to the customer base.

In addition to these messaging and digital workplace collaboration services, HCLTech provides professional services on messaging and collaboration tools and platforms like IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange:

  • Email and IM Operations: Includes activities which help monitor and manage the existing email collaboration environment
  • Collaboration Services: Comprises instant messaging support, implementation, MS SharePoint, and Yammer
  • Platform Migration: Includes planning, designing, and migrating the existing environment to the latest version
  • Hosted Messaging Solution: Includes the entire messaging stack from hardware, hosting, operations to maintenance, owned by HCLTech

Mobility: HCLTech Managed Mobility services redefines the new-age work experience by transitioning from a conventional SLA to a modern XLA-based strategy that delivers a richer experience managing IT environments. Our enterprise mobility management (EMM) portfolio is fueled with smart insights delivered through our advanced analytics solutions, end-user automation, and cognitive capabilities:

  • Enable consumerization by enabling your employees to adopt modern working styles, such as work from home, and bring-your-own-anything (BYOD, BYOA, etc.)
  • Enable quicker resource onboarding to modern management platforms
  • Utilize the breadth of modern UEM platforms to enableand manage application modernization, and secure your apps beyond what UEM solutions offer
  • Effectively manage and streamline global mobility program spend throughout your organization to unlock potential savings

Data security: For employees to work efficiently, they must be able to access data and applications whenever they want across device types (BYOD) and outside enterprise premises. This brings in the problem of “shadow IT”. That’s where data andapp security becomes a big challenge. The way to deal with it lies inencouraging, educating, and training employees to follow best practices, and adopting digital workplace tools and platforms that are compliant.

Cloud: LibreSpace is HCLTech’s fully managed, end-to-end workplace virtualization solution that empowers users with intelligent workspaces. As a holistic solution, LibreSpace delivers an anywhere, anytime, and any device, “digital workplace as a Service” experience and offers a truly hybrid (public/private cloud-hosted and/or on-premises) and scalable solution in flexible consumption models.

User support: With rapidadoption of the hybrid work model, the demand for IT service desk support is increasing manifold, driving up costs and resource requirements. At the same time, IT helpdesks must deliver a consumer-grade, personalized, and omnichannel support experience, for two reasons:

  • The millennial workforce is hyperconnected and more empowered
  • The workforce today is a spread across continents, cultures, languages, generations, time zones, and leverage diverse platforms, tools, and technologies

A failure to align IT service desks to the above factors could result in higher costs, more downtime, reduced employee motivation and productivity, and sub-optimal field service management (FSM) as well. HCLTech manages more than 30 million IT service desk contacts annually, for over 250 enterprise customers, thereby creating new-age workplaces and providing IT helpdesk support services. Our TITEN suite facilitates Windows migration to provide a consistent user experience across multiple devices. Our customers reap the benefits of increased efficiency through automation, pre-emptive resolution of issues, and accelerated Windows migration.

An all-encompassing digital workplace: HCLTech;s Digital Workplace solutions and tools enable enterprises to build a “Fluid Workplace” that is hyper-personalized, agile, adaptive, empathetic, human-centric, inclusive, and resilient, delivering a seamless experience to your workforce anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Our digital workplace services (end-user computing services), driven by our workplace consulting-led approach brings together technology, people, and culture to create positive experiences that make your workforce meaningfully productive and purposefully engaged.


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