HCL Technologies launches ASM 2.0 framework to transform application operations in the digital era

PUBLISHED DATE: Mar 24, 2021

Noida, India – March 24, 2021 –HCL Technologies, (HCL), a leading global technology company, today announced the launch of its next-generation application management framework ASM 2.0, which will help propel global enterprises towards improved agility, better resilience, and enhanced stakeholder experiences, with optimized spend. ASM 2.0 is a new paradigm in the applications landscape which enables enterprises to have a balanced view of budgets for both ‘business-as-usual’ and ‘transformational’ programs and drive towards a more agile, efficient, and outcome-driven culture.

The exponential rise in business and technological complexity in the last decade, along with the varying pace of transformation in portfolios, has made traditional, one-size-fits-all application management obsolete. With most companies accelerating digital adoption, the full scale of digital transformation will be realized only with a solid application operations foundation in place. Therefore, there is a need for an application management framework that brings much-needed excellence into the operational core of enterprises.

ASM 2.0 encompasses lean thinking and right-fit support models for DevSecOps-based team structures. This creates a best-in-class engineering culture that is backed by SRE practices and is strongly business aligned. ASM 2.0 features a focus on observability and orchestration and drives an automation roadmap through iONA, HCL’s end-to end platform for intelligent application operations. With tools and solutions, it offers preventive, predictive and self-heal capabilities, while facilitating actionable AI-powered insights for better business decisions and superior customer experiences.

For more information, please visit https://www.hcltech.com/application-support-maintenance/asm20-framework

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