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Our Sustainability Framework

HCL: Sustainability Framework Image 2At HCLT, we create technology that touches lives. As an enterprise, we reect the values of our stakeholders; employees, customers, vendors and suppliers, investors, shareholders, government, academia and society at large. How do we create value at every level of our engagement with our stakeholders? We enhance and sustain our stakeholder relationships by focusing on our core values founded on our 'Employees First' philosophy.

It is in our capability today to envision, educate and enable.

  • Envision a future where we pass on what has been handed to us safely to the next generation.
  • Educate our stakeholders on the benefits of sustainable growth and development.
  • Enable everyday processes to achieve our sustainability vision.
HCL: Sustainability Framework

Integrating Sustainability with Risk Management

During FY 2012, we reinforced our commitment to integrate climate risk with our Risk Management framework through precautionary measures by identifying corresponding sustainability parameters and mapping appropriate actions across all four sustainability areas namely Business, Workplace, Environment and Society.

Risk Management Category Sustainability Parameter Sustainability Focus Anticipated Risk Actions FY 2012 detailed in this report
Operation Sustainability: Stakeholder Engagement Opportunities for Sustainability Actions Boycott of products and services by stakeholders, if the organization does not involve them in identifying sustainability needs and opportunities Page 69
Operation Sustainability: Occupational Health Employee Well-being Absenteeism due to inadequate health and wellbeing support within and outside the organization Page 39
Operation Sustainability: Environment Energy Consumption and Renewable Energy Non-availability of adequate resources in locations we operate in leading to increase in cost and challenge in growth Pages 42 -53
Operation Sustainability: Reporting Performance Monitoring and Assurance Damage to brand or reputation of the organization due to violation of laws or principles, errors or omissions in the disclosed Sustainability Report, under - performance compared with objectives/ targets or appearance of indifference to social issues Audit and Assurance Page
Operation Sustainability: Supply Chain Environment Laws and Community Responsibility Failure to integrate Sustainability objectives with processes due to non-education of workforce Pages 56 - 63


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.