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HCL Announces iMRO 5.0

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Published Date
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Global release – UK, N. America, APAC ME, 10th May, 2013, The Enterprise Application Services (EAS) division of HCL Technologies (HCL) a leading IT global services provider, today announced the release of its iMRO 5.0 solution.  HCL EAS’ iMRO is a maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) solution endorsed by SAP AG and an add-on to the SAP® Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM) solution. iMRO and SAP EAM solutions enhance and complement each other for use by MRO organizations within the A&D and TT&L industries. This latest iMRO release is not only more cost effective than previous versions, but also faster, with better user acceptance and productivity. The benefits to the customer include improvements in user productivity due to the faster processing time and better software asset utilization supported by the new functionality.

“We are delighted to announce iMRO 5.0 which will continue to evolve steadily over the coming years”, said Benedikt Hermann, vice president – Product Innovation, HCL. “This SAP-endorsed business solution continues to meet customer demands in reduced implementation times and higher user productivity, which is evident through our successful deployment of iMRO at global tier-one aircraft manufacturing, third-party service and operator organizations. Our focus will stay on enabling users to perform tasks efficiently through closed-loop interactions with our clients as well as bringing SAP’s latest tools such as 3-D visualization (e.g., SAP Visual Enterprise applications) and mobile capabilities into the heart of the maintenance process.”

Since 2009 iMRO has been a part of a rolling product roadmap driven by SAP’s MRO user community for the A&D industry (SUGAIR), SAP’s user group for railways (SUGRAIL) and new SAP technology enhancements. HCL has successfully worked with SAP to achieve all planned targets to date for the latest version of iMRO for the aviation sector. iMRO 5.0 has been developed to address the continued and developing challenges being faced by these highly regulated and complex business environments. This is illustrated in the functionality of the end-to-end maintenance planning process. The release contains a graphical planning workbench which combines maintenance requirements, compliance status, material requirements and a load/capacity overview into a single maintenance planning workbench. When combined with various other features of iMRO 5.0, a truly comprehensive planning solution is available to meet the requirements of complex asset industries.

Another key feature is the ability to integrate the SAP EAM solution with external technical publication data. The execution process is enhanced by enabling maintenance to navigate easily between SAP EAM and the electronic technical documentation, allowing users to combine data as required. iMRO 5.0 is a key solution component of HCL’s optimized enterprise asset management (EAM), strategy which includes product (i.e., iMRO), accelerators and templates aligned to industry, rapid deployment capability, education and QA services.


“This latest version iMRO, endorsed by SAP, continues to demonstrate the importance of SAP’s ecosystem strategy, through which we are cooperating with partners to support our customers’ businesses, drive new levels of collaboration, and provide additional choices and flexibility,” said Phil te Hau, director, Solution Management, SAP. “With iMRO 5.0, which simplifies capabilities into a single maintenance environment based on SAP technology, customers will be empowered to focus on business process improvements and meeting changing business needs. With its enhanced and extended industry-specific functionality, it will help improve user productivity, best-practices and higher asset utilization.”

The success of iMRO is apparent from a number of leading European and North American aerospace and airline clients who have chosen to utilize the solution.

To learn more, visit HCL at the SAPPHIRE® NOW conference, where it will exhibit in booth 351. The conference will be held May 14-16 in Orlando, Fla.

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