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HCLTech Launches Advantage Analytics, AI-driven Business Intelligence solution driven by Snowflake Data Cloud

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 NOIDA, India, July 14, 2023HCLTech, a leading global technology company, announced the launch of HCLTech Advantage Analytics, an AI-powered business intelligence solution that leverages Snowflake’s Data Cloud to offer enterprises a range of services by integrating AI (artificial intelligence) with BI (business intelligence) for enhanced customer experiences and business outcomes.

As business models evolve and data sets become increasingly complex, enterprises struggle to extract meaningful insights from traditional BI tools. HCLTech Advantage Analytics, built on a technology-agnostic platform, seamlessly integrates with Snowflake’s Data Cloud to provide clients with AI-infused analytics aiding real-time and insightful decision-making.

“We are committed to being at the cutting edge of technology, offering top-tier solutions to our clients. Our partnership with Snowflake allows us to integrate its Data Cloud, the latest data visualization techniques and AI/ML technology with HCLTech Advantage Analytics to help enterprises unlock actionable data-driven insights in real time to significantly improve customer experiences while ensuring solution agility and lower cost of ownership," said Shyam Enjeti, Executive Vice President, Digital Business Services, HCLTech.

"HCLTech Advantage Analytics solution aligns with Snowflake's vision of facilitating easy access, collaboration and data monetization across domains. The innovative analytics approach combined with Snowflake's Data Cloud can help our joint customers revolutionize data consumption to drive data-driven innovation and growth," said Sreedhar Bolneni, SI Sales Engineering Leader, Snowflake.

Snowflake's robust security features ensure data protection, while its nuanced access controls facilitate efficient data access and usage management.

For more information, visit: https://www.hcltech.com/digital-business/snowflake

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