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HCL Products & Platforms is a division of HCL Technologies that develops and delivers a next-generation portfolio of enterprise-grade software-based offerings with flexible consumption models, spanning traditional on-premises software, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and bundled managed services. We bring speed, insights and innovations (big and small) to create value for our customers in DevOps, Automation and Application Modernization software.

Products And Platforms

A services company mindset to customer relationship

Not just chasing the latest trends but real innovation that solves customer problems

Accelerated roadmaps, agile development, fast time to market of new features

Provide insights beyond customer input by using our own products


Client Value

A services company mindset to customer relationship


Not just chasing the latest trends but real innovation that solves customer problems


Provide insights beyond customer input by using our own products


Accelerate roadmaps and bringing new features to our customers


Our portfolio consists of products we co-own with our partners as well as HCL-branded products. Co-owned products are primarily offered through our partners’ channels, while we manage technical support, product management, and lab services. HCL-branded products may be purchased directly from HCL.


Collaborative Workflow Platforms (CWP)

Client Advocacy

A customer centric approach is the foundational element of the HCL Products business philosophy. Our goal is to build stronger partnerships with our customers and ensure their long-term success with our product portfolio.

Cohesive and collaborative approach to the client relationship
Proactive communication on product news and updates
customer centricity
Active support for client’s product usage and business needs
Deep understanding of the client's business and challenges
Frequent touchpoints with product roadmaps


IBM and HCL have entered into a 15+ year IP partnership for Rational Testing, CCM (Change and Configuration Management), Modeling, Host Access products, as well as Tivoli Workload Automation products. HCL recognizes the importance of these long lasting products to customers and will be accelerating the product roadmaps, delivering new features and functionality.

HCL implements a hypercare approach to customer relationships, higher touch and a more interactive way of connecting our development team with customers. This is meant to ensure long-term success with the products and better response to customer needs.

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HCL Support organization has expertise to provide you with quality responsive software support. We can help maximize the value of your software investment by providing comprehensive technical support and updates for software products. Find the latest information on products and servers, submitting tickets, and joining communities on our Support portal.